10 Natural Ways to Be More Healthy

First of all you know the difference between healthy and more healthy. Healthy is the normal stage where person works like a normal person. You can know it better if I say, what is the difference between PM of India and Normal Village Person. Both have the body. Both have the thinking power and opportunity to grow. Only difference of Value of Time. PM's time is 1000 time more valuable to normal person time. Like this, Healthy person is the normal person which will be healthy upto remember, focus and take the positive action but more healthy person is already enough remember, focus and taken positive action to be healthy all time.

Ok, now, learn the simple 10 steps to be more healthy.

1. Learn Natural Health 

If you will learn the natural health, you will become more healthy because natural health will carry you more healthy person than normal healthy person.

Few days ago, I met a person on the whatsapp, I told him to focus only natural health and learn it from my videos and did not do any HIV Positive test because this will give only stress and usefulness pressure on brain to bring it negative but he could not learnt my lesson and he is doing stubborn in the doubt do or not do.

Again I teach if you have HIV Positive or If you have HIV Negative both are equal because if you did not learn natural health as HIV negative, you may disease and your immune system will disorder. It depends on you how much do you learn natural health. More your learn more you gain.

I gave some of following video for learning natural health which I am sharing with you.

2. Learn More About Natural Health

Learn More about Natural Health. If you have to become more healthy, you have to learn more about natural health.

For example, if a person has the blood in the urine in male what is the reason of it.

There may be many reasons. But main reason is infection in his urinary track. It is also called UTI.

Now, if you do not have the UTI, you will not blood in urine. But if you you have the blood in urine and it is diagnosed that you have due to UTI and it is your goal first to learn more about natural health. Here for you natural health means natural cure of UTI.

If you will learn more to be healthy, you will know that one fruit name is Canberry, it is very useful to cure UTI and bladder infection. So, eat it.

Second reason is the stone in his kidney or bladder. When it comes below in urethra and unable to pass in urine. It is the cause of blood in urine. With this, he will get stomach and low back pain. Now, you have to learn more about natural cure of kidney and bladder stone.

Third reason is enlarged prostate. It is called BPH in small form. Prostate gland is helpful for reproduction through producing the semen for new birth. But if it has increased its size it close to the urethra. Urethra is the tube for sending urine outside from body through penis. If prostate is not normal size, urethra will press and this small tube may injure and you will get problem of blood in urine not just this but also problem of frequent urination.

Now, you have to cure your prostate gland and you will reach best solution. Best solution is to follow Brahmcharya

Fourth reason is the injury in kidney due to Glomerulonephritis unhealthy kidney not work properly and include body blood in urine dust. In GN, you will get also protein in urine and you will get the symptoms of High bp and difficulty in taking breath.

Fifth reason is the side effects of eating medicines. All medicines damage the kidney and damaged kidney brings blood in urine because it start to bring default in filter the blood. So, stop to eat it and use only natural life style to cure all diseases.

3. Learn Even More Natural Health

If you will learn even more natural health, you will come to know that food allergy is also weakness of your immune system and immune system can be boost by using substitute food and using of gloye. If you have the allergic reaction of milk, you have to get substitute of coconut milk.

But because you do not learn even more natural health, one side you do not drink dairy milk, second, you did not find its best, your immune system has totally damaged.

If you learn even more about gloye, you will come to know that in Ayrveda, it is called amrita. Means it is very immortal with its nature. Its branch  can survive without water and earth touch for one year and realive. So, it will boost immune system of body. I have explained same in following video.

4. Learn Even More than What You are Learning Natural Health

If you are learning natural health and still, you are not totally fit, it means, you need even more than what you are learning about natural health because it is simple saying. If you will not change what is the current you are doing, you will not get better result. Same applies on the natural health. For example, recently, I told one patient about to sleep at 8 pm must in night. But, she was saying that it is impossible due to job situation.

I have explained and told that you need to learn natural health more what are you learning. Yes, you are walking, you are doing yoga, you are eating natural food but if you are sleeping late night 12 pm, all above positive effect is zero.


Our liver is blood making machine from juice from intestine.

But it will happy to do its work if you will sleep early and late sleep has disturb its work and it slows to remove toxin from blood juice and that is the reason, your body process of in-toxin will slow. So, always update. If job is barrier. Leave it and focus on your own business and set the time of sleeping must be 8 pm and morning get up 3 AM. If you are unable to get up 3 AM watch following video.

5. Learn Natural Health When You Do n't Want to learn About Natural Health

It is normal, everyone has life's different Goal for Happiness and sometime, you also do not want to learn about natural health. But do you know what is the meaning of HAPPINESS

Its first H is Health. If you have the health, you have the happiness. Otherwise no happiness will keep in your hand with short term pleasure and other biggest goals of life.

So, you have to learn natural health when you do not want to learn about natural health.

Ask Question with yourself.

What is the benefit of doing other Goal?


What will happen if no health but happiness?

No value of happiness if we are unhealthy to consume the food of happiness.

By motivating question to yourself, you will focus to learn natural health and you will be healthy all time.

6. Learn Natural Health When You are Doing Your Work

Yes, you are cleaning your home. You are doing your office or business work and you are enjoy your quality time. Same time, your ears are free.

Just buy the head phone from market and connect with mobile and see which of my 225+ videos, you did not watch. I am not against doing your work but during the work, you can learn extra from my 225+ videos which you do not learn.

OK, tell me did you watch following video with following comment.

7. Learn Natural Health When You are planning to Go to Allopathic Doctor

8. Learn Natural Health  When Did not Cure from Any Medicine

If you are failure to cure from any medicine of the world, it means, all medicines which you had eaten had damaged your digestion track means, it has damaged your intestine and it has damaged your liver. So, you have to learn to detox your intestine and liver naturally. You have to focus on natural health. This time is great time to be determined to cut off all medicines for whole life.

9. Learn Natural Health Everyday

You have to learn natural health everyday. For example, today is international yoga day and I shared my all training of yoga asanas in my youtube channel community tab. So, go and learn. Everyday, there is boon of God in the form of natural health knowledge. Come and learn everyday.

10. Keep Learning Natural Health

Natural health is long term learning if you want to become perfect in it. So, be motivated  and keep learning natural health from books, from trainer and naturopath.

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