Top 10 Reasons Why Never Criticize Other for Good Health

 Criticism is the bad habit. Due to this, you have lost your peace of mind, happiness and good health because there are lots of bad impact if you do criticism of every person daily basis. For Breaking the Bad habit of Criticism, we have to understand why is it harmful for good health.  Following are top 10 reasons why you never criticize other for your good health

1. Stress of Less Time Due to Wastage of Time

By criticize other, you will waste your time because there will no motivation from your side only finding fault in other. Who wants to listen their faults. Due to this bad habit, your wastage time will not come. Its stress will be on your performance of achieving of your life's biggest goal. Due to stress of not achieving your biggest goal on the time, your brain will release negative harmons which will bring new diseases for your body. So, if you want that your brain will release only positive harmons, you need to stop criticism.

2. Bring of Anger and Hate in Mind and Tongue

If you will start to say the faults in other person by criticizing his or her actions, you will surely bring the anger and hate because other will debate with you and you will have to bring aggressiveness in your voice. With this, your BP will increase. Your heart will not do good function. You will not get oxygen supply and you will get the disease soon. Lack of oxygen means to decrease your immune system.

3. Bring Hate and Anger in Others Mind

No only you will feel anger, other will bring hate and anger in their mind and he or she will start to bring barrier to achieve your biggest goal and it is sure, you will be failed because other will try to best to fail to you because you have taken wrong action to criticize him or her. With this, your have to take useless stress of failure and negative harmons will start in your brain and you will be capture in diseases. So, stop to criticize other and enjoy your healthy and happy life and focus on your goal and no one will create barrier for you.

4. Ignore Your Own Mistakes

When you have the habit of criticizing all the people, at that time, your focus to see own mistake will lowest. Due to low focus, your self improvement will be lowest and without self improvement, you can not get success. Again getting fail due to no success, you will get stress of failure and your brain will start to create negative harmons and your body will bring new and new diseases and there will no effect of any medicine on it. So, stop criticism of other people.

5. Impossible to Improve Other by His or Her Criticism

( Encouraging and Appreciation helps to improve others )

Did you improve any person by finding his or her faults by criticising him or her. No, this is not good way. By saying you are bad, you can make him or her good. By saying, if you try good, you can make great. It is encouraging words. Motivate others to be good. Because other who will trust on you, will stop trust and your relationship will damage fastly. So, no support, you will get and you will get stress of failure and your brain will make negative harmons and you will get only diseases.

6. Criticism will make Your Friendship with Complain and Backbite

A person has the bad habit of criticism, will have the two more bad habits. One is complain and second is backbite. If you will kill your criticism habit, your complain and backbite will also kill. Because all these three things will cut your good relationships with other and without support of others, you will get no success and you will get only stress of failure and your brain will make negative harmons and you will get only disease. So, stop criticism.

7. Allow Other to Criticize You

If you will criticize other, other will also bounce back by your criticizing. With this, you will get BP Problem because you are truthful but have the bad habit of crticism. Criticism is biggest lie. Only appreciation is truth. So, with bp problem, you will get no good supply of oxygen and you will get diseases. So, stop criticism.

8. Your Judgement May Be Wrong

It is not true that your judgement is all time true. Your judgement may be wrong. Your given judgement on the basis of situations and situations may be change in future. If you are thinking A is bad and you are speaking load, Mr. A, you are bad but Mr. A same time is improving and after one year, you again say Mr. A, you are bad but you are wrong, he has improved. But when you will realise that he has improved and you only did wrong judgement, you will feel guilt and it is negative emotion and it will bring negative harmons in your brain and you will get only disease. So, stop criticism and you will save from giving judgement.

9. Financial Stress Due to Break Your Property by Victim

If other person is in your office and you started to criticize him, Victim may not tolerate your criticism and he must break your valuable property whether it is laptop or other documents. So, breaking of your property will bring financial stress for you. It may be costly and you have to make big budget for this. So, better is to focus to secure all these things by controlling your tongue because same financial stress will carry you to depression and diseases.

10.  Bring Anxiety of Future Due to Criticism

If the victim will go peacefully from your office after listening your judgement in the form of criticism. You may feel anxiety of fear because you are wrong and you are fearing that other is powerful and will do something wrong with you. With this, you will face bp problem and it will give you diseases. So, better is to stop criticism.

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