How to Overcome the Feeling of Hopelessness?

Dr. Vinod Kumar has explained the simple steps to overcome the feeling of hopelessness.

Are you feeling hopelessness?
Are you not seeing any hope of your success in future?
Are you in depression?
Did you not get what do you want?
Did you give up?
Have you chronic disease?
Are you fearing to try new positive actions?

If yes, you have the negative emotion of feeling of hopelessness. Now, sit and watch this video first 10 times non stop and then watch this video 3 months, morning, evening and afternoon and you will become the master of positive emotion that is called hopefulness.

Content Summery

1. Start to Speak Hopeful Statements Daily

2. Make Your Lack of Something as Your Boon Which is Given by God only to You - Appreciate Your Inside Soul Power

3. Take Only Positive Action without Overthinking

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