Never Be Victim of a Negative Person

Victim is the person who gives the permission to the negative person to give harm to him or her.

I explain this with two simple story

1st Story : Tiger and Deer

One day, tiger was very hungary and did not eat the food for 50 days. He was unable to walk. Deers are so happy that now tiger will not kill us because his ability has decreased by not eating food in 50 days

One negative deer started to give negative comment just go to tiger.


Tiger brother, you are so weak because you did not eat food from 50 days and now start to eat grass like us.

Tiger listened his voice and he jumped and captured same deer.

Now, tiger start to speak this negative deer.

Deer, it is good, I did not eat 50 days.

It is good, I am weak

But, your saying to me to eat grass is not good and it is so bad and untruthful.

God has made me a truthful animal. I eat animal and I do not eat grass. But for insulting me, you have give me negtive thoughts and

I am hunter and I do not want to be victim.

So, Even, I will die to capturing you it is good and now, I capture you and you are victim and I will kill you and eat you and satisfy my desire of your food.

Lesson from this Story : 

1. Only Vicitim Speaks lie. So, never be victim

2. Only Victims are negative. So, never be victim

3. Only Victim dies. So, never be victim

4. Only victim feels fear from temporary bad situations. So, never be victim

5. Only Victim feels unsatisfied from every adverse situation and gives up. So, never be victim

Fight with negative deer and win and make him your food.

Courtesy of Image : Image by Clarence Alford from Pixabay

2nd Story : Master of Tiger and Tiger 

One day master of tiger was see from to tiger in the cage.

 Tiger has told. I am very unsatisfied to live in this cage. I am feeling very disturbed. I am requesting to you give me freedom. I gives truthful promise, I will not attack on you. Master of tiger is very smart. Master is thinking, this is tiger He has 100 times more power than me. Tiger's truthful duty is to hunt. But, if it is giving me truthful promise not attack. It is not truth. He is speaking lie. Truthful duty will bound him to hunt me and kill me. Truthful duty is more powerful to truthful commitment. Every truthful commitment which breaks his natural truthful duty is lie. I also remembered,  It did not came in my hand very easily. I gave him greed and it has come in my hand. Now, he is thinking idea to come out from this cage and get revenge of his slavery by killing me. He went to other room and connect big current in his iron log rode. He did not tell the secret to the tiger and came near the cage.

Master of Tiger told

Dear tiger, I love you. I can not see you in the cage. I am very sorry. I have captured you. I am very very sorry that I did wrong and made you slave. Please forgive me, I am opening your cage and you go there. But please did not eat me. Please keep on your truthful promise.

Tiger Says. 

Yes, I forgive you. Please open me and I am going to forgest. I will not kill you because I gave you truthful promise.

Master opens the door of cage.

 Tiger came from cage and speaking with laugh

Ha ha ha ha

Master you are so fool. I am very upset. How did you capture me in past. I know your weakness. Your weakness is your love for me. Your kindness for me and your pity me and your trust on the promise. Ha ha ha.

This is not truth. You are so untruthful

First, I am tiger. My truthful duty is to hunt anybody if I am hungry. When God has created me. He told this truth and from billions years, I am following this truth and now this truth is in my blood. So, all the promise which I gave, are anti of my truthful duty to satisfy my hunger. If I will not kill you, I will die.

So, accept my attack. Tiger attacked.  Master defensed with electric rode and tiger fell down with all energy fuse off.

Now Master of Tiger Told

Dear tiger, I am human being. God has sent me on this earth by using brain and thinking and logic of other party.

I understood, you are negative because

Negativity is just opposite of positivity

Negative says imposible things like you are hungery and you will not eat me.

Negative says unnatural things if you see me alone and you will not attack on me

So, for giving you lesson and not becoming vicitm of tiger in next day newspaper, I added powerful current in my this simple electronic rode. Now, you are vicitm because you did not think advance of my strategy. I am not vicitm

I am master of tiger. My truthful duty is to handle all the tiger. My truthful duty is not to believe on tiger's voice of freedom.

Lesson : 1. Negative person gives untruthful promise. Never believe on them.

2. Never do any unnatural work. It will be lieful.

3. Be the master of tiger with your brain and idea of mind.

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