How to Boost Growth Hormones for Height Increase

Question by Student

Dr. Vinod Kumar, please tell me, " How to Boost Growth  hormones for height increase. My age is 18 years and my height 5.5 and I want my height 5.8. How is to grow my height when all hormones are fuse?

Answer by Me

Only you have to stop your all stress. This stress comes from your negative thinking in your mind. In question, you are showing that you are fearing.

1. You show, your age 18, it means, you are fearing that now it is impossible to boost growth hormones. Stop fear, your growth hormones will boost.

2. You are thinking negative. Tell me when you are thinking that yoru all hormones are fuse. Then, how can you bring imagination of your height increase. No imagination means no boost your hormones. First you need to think positive. No hormones fuse anytime. If you will think positive, possibility of success will increase.

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