Will You Refund my Paid Fees in Future for Your Paid Personal Treatment?

Question by Patient / Students

Will You Refund my Paid Fees in Future for Your Personal Treatment?

Answer by Me

1. Our Terms and Conditions Does not Allow 

No, as per our terms and conditions , we will not refund your paid fees after once we have received from you because we have given the service. Our value of service is equal to your value of money.  If you have paid the fees, you have accepted all these terms and conditions.

2. You will Become Untruthful and Cheater if You will Demand Refund of Paid Fees 

Your paid fees is the donation to me as your Health Guru and as donation to my hospital. Donated amount does not refund. By paying fees, you have obtained service and you have become also donor. Your received money has already consumed in the mission of our hospital. So, please never demand your fees. By demanding fees, you are becoming cheater. Who will trust on you. By demanding your past fees, you are becoming untruthful. Who will trust on you?

You can say you need money for your emergency but where you want to pay this money, other will not trust on you because you are so cheater. First pay the fees and got the service and then demand the money. With this, you will increase your own problem.

4. Respect Value of Our Time, Energy and Efforts and Never Demand Paid Fees 

Moreover, as doctor , I spent my time, energy and efforts for your personal paid treatment. If I would not spend same time and energy and I would spend on any job of the world, I would also earn salary. So, please respect my time, energy and efforts and never demand your paid fees. I have also team which I have business relation for example this website and it needs to pay yearly expenses to keep this website online like this so many expenses of profession. I have also team of electricity department, internet department, laptop and mobile repair department.  So, your fees will go in the pocket of all my team also. So, please respect to my team also. By demanding fees, you are insulting me and my all team. 

5. Think Positive and Never Demand Fees

From time to time, I have increased the fees. I did not demand such extra increased fees in future. Think positive and save same amount and used for your personal purpose.

6. Earn Money and Save Money 

It also shows that you are not earning money due to your laziness. So, go to market. Either to do your job or do your own business an save money for emergency. Never demand it also as debt. It is also your bad habit.

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