When will You ( Dr. Vinod Kumar ) be Available on WhatsApp for My Online Personal Treatment

Question by Patient 

I saw your many health videos. You have given your whatsapp no. +91-9356234925 for personal treatment. I have physical health problem. I have whatsapp to you at same no. and requested for your personal treatment immediately. But, I did not receive your reply from many days. When will  You ( Dr. Vinod Kumar ) be Available on WhatsApp for My Online Personal Treatment

Answer by Me

First of all, I am very sorry, you have faced such problem. Yes, I have given my whatsapp for personal treatment. If you did not receive the reply from me. Following are its main reasons

1. I am Spending My Peaceful and Happy Personal Life

If I did not available on the whatsapp, it is simple meaning, I  am focusing on Other Important Goal of My Life. Doctor has also personal life. Only India's population is 1.3 billion and almost all Indian have diseases and wants my personal treatment on whatsapp. Daily basis, I got lots of whatsapp which is out of my capacity. Tell me, how can I treat all. If I will do, it means, I am bring stress for me. It is called pressure of work or work overload. If I will be happy, I can give you happiness by doing your personal treatment. So, sometime, I am focusing on other important goal of my life by total fast of whatsapp

(A) Peace of Mind

(B) Relief from Stress

(C) Own Inside Happiness

(D) Following of My Personal Health Rules

2. I am Focusing on My other Business for Earning

I have past experience, all patients which came to my personal whatsapp for my personal treatment did not get my paid treatment. Following are main reasons

a) They have financial stress

b) They did not believe on my paid natural treatment

c) They did not have money for my personal treatment

d ) They did not want to pay fees or donation for my personal treatment

c) Some patients have also complain why I am taking fees because they want everything free.

you know that money is blood for life. Everyone has choice to spend their time for achieve their financial independence goal. So, I have changed my strategy. I will not spend my whole time on whatsapp and become victim from already some so stressful patients. Again, I am saying, all are not equal. I got also fees from some very very good patients. Who gave me my value but what is the benefit of same money, if I will not do any effort to grow it in my other business and achieve the goal of my financial independence in young age.

3. I am Focusing Managing my YouTube Channel and This Website 

It needs the time to focus to create new youtube free video and solve some FAQ of patients in this website. So, for this, I will not available on whatsapp.

4. MORE use of WhatsApp is Addiction

From past 2 years, I have addicted of whatsapp due to personal treatment. I am against all addiction of life. Because addiction gives bad impact to happy life.

Now, I am overcoming my WhatsApp addiction by not available all time on whatsapp.

5. I May Reject to Reply You

Sometime, I give value to your attitude. If I see that you did not faith on my free video and you are coming here to debate on my whatsapp, I may reject you

Following are the sample of distrust on ME as Doctor

Q 1. How can you cure me?

You still did not trust on me after watching my free video. Sorry dear, I have lots of patient who has trust on me and I will treat them.

Q 2. Doctor is saying operation? Can I do

Still you have distrust on my natural treatment. Sorry, I will not reply you

Q 3. Famous Google Question

Like how to massage to body

Please try Google. I am not google on whatsapp.

Q 4. Other doctors had cheated me? Please help me

From your voice, you did not respect of all past doctors. You only good and all other bad. All never bad. Sorry, I will not add in this list. I will not help you.

Like this, I have lots of list of patients who talked with negative attitude to meet the doctor. I may see if you are in that category, I may block you also. Be positive even if you have problem. You have stress. Even if you have disease, treat to think positive and write positive words if you want to get success to my appointment with you on whatsapp.

I may reject to reply if I see that you know everything of natural life style but do not want to follow

you do not need Guru who will teach how to follow. Because you have skill but you do not have the will. All things can be clear from your message on my whatsapp. I will reject you in first place because if I will treat. You will not follow my rule and say me that I dis-satisfied and refund my frees. So, I am rejecting you before taking fees. Enjoy your skills without your will.

Except above, I spend my time also gaining new knowledge from different resources. I don't have ego to know everything but I try to keep my peace to understand the concept more deeply. That is reason, I may off from whatsapp.

Now Best Solutions for You IF I am not Available on Whatsapp

You came on my whatsapp because you have trusted me as Your Health Guru. My whatsapp will never off. It will be on. It means, I received your message but did not read due to above reasons.

Now it is your truthful duty to watch my all 300+ free video on this website and on my youtube channel one by one and note its natural rule. Watch daily my free video. Write its notes. Start to follow these rules. Nature is made by God. It is not made by me. You had done mistakes of nature and that is reason, you have disease. Now, get my free video knowledge and act upon. That is your best duty.

In end, I will surely reply on the whatsapp, it may delay but you will get reply. If  you do not get reply, please remind after 7 days. Or if you called, please also whatsapp. There are more chance of your phone call but there is very less chance to miss your whatsapp message. 


Same time, you can say thanks to God and youtube team that you have got free video. If I did not give you personal treatment, it means, I did not receive the fees. You have saved same fees.

Your complaining attitude will waste only your time. My time is very worthy and I make its budget where I have to use it in important part of my life. MAKE your time budget also like your money budget.

because I have added  it in FAQ by patients when you will read it. Almost every video, I have shown this website.

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