How to Stay Positive When Negative People Around You

Question by Student 

How to Stay Positive When Negative People Around You?

Answer by Me

Recently one of my student has asked a very good question how to stay positive when negative people around me. Or how can I stay positive when people give me negative energy and took all my positive question.

Many years ago, I asked same question from my mother.

My dear mother, I feel very negative when a negative person attack on me. I become unable to think positive. How can I stay positive around the negative people.

My mother kept silence few minutes and then replied to me

Dear my Son, If I kill your 2 eyes can you allow me to do.

I replied 


Why no

Because I use it to see the world

My mother again told

Its ok.

But, I am your mother and you are my son and I need your eyes for the consideration of my past duty.

I replied

1. I will feel pain because my eyes were attached with me my birth.

2. It is most important for my life. Without this, I will be helpless. My mother, please, please, I love you. Please do not kill my eyes. Without this, I can not see the world. Without eyes, I see only darkness in the World

My Mother Replied

When you were very small kid. Your eyes had almost dead but I saved with full of care and give proper treatment from doctor for whole one month. You had trachoma in your both eyes and you were unable to see this world. At that time, I paid the bill for its surgery and you have succeeded to see this world. I cared you daily and night. Due to this, you are see this world today. So, your both eyes are my property. So, allow me to kill it

I replied 

Oh My Dear Mother, you are the see of love. You are the see of kindness. I accepted that my both eyes are your property but without this, I will die. So, give me your kindness. My mother, please donate me this great gift in my life. Please forgive my all past mistakes. Please do not give this biggest punishment. Please  Please Please Please Please Please mercy on me my dear mother

My Mother Smiled and Replied 

Ok Dear My Son, give me one truthful promise that from today, your both eyes are not your own. It is property of me. If you give me promise. I forgive and I will not kill your both eyes.  In your face, you have just kept as doing my duty. Like an accountant has millions dollar of company. He counts and records but he does not think, it is my own. He is ready to give all these money to owner of company immediately when owner demands money from bank. Now, you are just servant of these two eyes property and when people will negative you and your mind feel negativity. Remember my promise that these two eyes are not your own. By giving truthful promise to me, You have become blind and blind can not feel negative people around you. Because, as your mother, I love negative people. I have focus only their pure soul. I have mercy on them like today, I am forgive you. I forgive all these negative people mistakes. When, your eyes is not your property, you do not right to think like an ego person. You just follow my truthful duty. You just focus on my truthful duty and forgive them immediately for their mistakes.

I replied 

Oh my dear mother. Today, you have taken the biggest test of my life for just teaching the biggest lesson and I could not understand. I am so fool. I feared for giving the price of your great love and affection. I am again so sorry. I am heartily thankful for your big kindness for forgive me.

So, I give my truthful promise to you that I will not feel negative and always stay positive when negative people around me. Even, they will try to negative me 1 Billions times but I will be always positive because I have to do truthful duty and do not become untruthful in your eyes. I will always focus on my biggest goal of my life. I will stay positive in negative people because now, I do not have ego and attachment in same two eyes. I will feel, I did not see and my mother is seeing and my mother is so powerful and brave to convert their negativity into positivity.

Lesson from My Personal Story 

1. Do not feel Ego when You are around the negative People

Our eyes and ears are so active to watch and listen the negative people and our ego will awake when negative people cut us with his or her negativity.

a) We start to think negative like negative person

if he or she break our trust and believe of positivity and we think like him because we have ego on our both eyes and ears that negative person is correct and we are wrong

If we started to fight him and think he or she is negative but less than from us and we have full ego on our eyes and ears and ego own that we can defeat him or her but after sometime, you feel that whole your energy has drained by negative person

because we have the ego that both eyes and ears are our own. Many years ago, I was fool. Now, when today, someone is near to me and tried to best to negative me billions times but I am specialize that

Dear negative person, you are so fool. I am blind and many years ago my mother has killed my ego eyes.  Now, no eyes, no feel. I am positive.

For you

When you are near of negative people in your home and office. Start to think

God is also my mother. These eyes and ears are her property when god mother does not feel negative and bless to same negative person why should I feel negative.  We see daily, tiger is so big energy and murder daily deer but God love her and gives him daily food because God is mother of both tiger and deer. So, you have to do only truthful duty and start to bring only thankfulness of god and people who helped you.

2.  Stop Attachment with Body

Our body is not our own. When you attach your body. You see other body. Due to attachment, you feel some people good and some people bad. Due to attachment of a bad person, you feel good because you have attachment with his or her body. Due to attachment, you feel good person like a bad person. Some more and more time to help to helpless. If there are so negative people near you, it means I am saying with guarantee they are not negative but you are on wrong place. You must be at this time to help to billions of helpless people. Billions people are waiting you and you will become hero of them but due to laziness, you are her to that negative person to watching and listening his or her negativity drama. So, go and start to help helpless people.

3. Focus Only Biggest Goal 

When my mother was died, there are lots marriage and parties lots of places but it was the painful day of my life. I did not see any thing. I did not listen anything. I was totally focused only the great selfless  love of my mother who gave me in my 34 years life 4 years and 7 months ago. I was remembering how will I go on the path which my mother had decided for me. I was remembering "what my mother wanted from me in my life. I will become able to same. I will always focus to my biggest Goal."

Your life's also biggest goal to focus on love. Love with human being. See to God mother in every human being. When you will see the God mother in every human being you can easily stay positive.

Negative are not people but you are dear. Because

You have big short coming of not focus to your biggest Goal to Love people. When love will come in your heart. You will see nothing is negativity around you.

You want to become anything in life. Focus on your biggest Goal always.

{ Important : Story is based some truthful facts of my personal life and it is also converted through imagination of my mind when I remembered same story to give you the best way to stay always positive around negative people ) 

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