How to Recognise a Negative Person? Dr. Vinod Kumar

Before this lecture, I have explained in previous lecture about how can you stay positive all time with a negative person in your life and its second step, I have explained, it is your mistake if you live with a negative person because you are negative and you have the attachment with same negative person in your life. If you are not negative, find the

 10 simple signs to recognise a negative person or a toxin person or a very poison person. With this way, you can also find your negative person and fastly stop your all connections with him or her. Only with this, you can become positive and happy all time.

Q : 1. Is he or she  sharing the complain of other persons with you?

When you see the whatsapp or facebook message or when the person has directly personal talk or mobile talk and he or she is sharing the complain of other persons with you or he or she is complaining against your action, it means, he or she is totally negative person because positive person does not complain. They are always thankful what they have and what they have received. This complainer will make you complainer. Stop your all connections fastly with him or her instead accepting his complain by listening or debate with him or her. If you will not stop your all connections with him or her, this bad habit will connected with you and you will also failure like him or her. Moreover, he or she does not respect of your time. Remember, your one second value is Rs. 1 BILLION. No one will give you if you will not respect your time and listen his or her complain.

Q: 2. Is he or she fearing on each small issue and share his or her fear to you?

If you have seen that same person has very fearful thoughts. He is fearing from all positive actions, it means, same person is negative. He or she will always say, it is impossible. I can not do. It is so difficult. How can I do it. It will harm me. I have disease and to follow natural rules and regulations is impossible for me. If I say walk 20 kms and cure all your disease, he or she will start to fear from it. A fearful person will increase fear in your mind. So, best is to cut off your all connections with him or her. Only a brave person will increase positivity in you and fearful person only will kill you with his or her negative thoughts. You must identify advance with your judgement and start to connect only with brave people in your life.

Q : 3. Is he or she unsatisfied from you?

If you see, same person is very unsatisfied from his life, it means, he or she is coming in your life for spreading his or her negativity. His or her words will shows that he or she is unsatisfied from other. One day, he or she will be unsatisfied from you and bring stress for you. So, be relax and never bring him or her in your life. Stop your all connections with him or her.

Un-satisfaction  is bad habit like laziness. All knows the bad health impact of laziness on health but still almost all gets up late in morning. Like this, satisfactions has no solution because God and Gurus has already tried to satisfy him or her but due to his or her bad habit, he or she is addicted of toxin of this and you will become toxin if you will live with him or her.

Q : 4. Is he or she behaving aggressive or anger with you on small issues?

Peace is very important for healthy and successful life. If you see other person has talked with you aggressive way or anger with you on any issue. It means, he or she has hate energy and spreading in you with anger poison like a snake. Be aware from him or her and start to stop all connections with him or her.

Q: 5. Is he or she telling the feeling of jealousy or envy on your success instead giving you appreciations?

It is very easy to check where other person is jealousy or envy on your success or not.

Just today remember, your life's biggest achievement. Tell him or her. If he or she did not give his appreciation or congratulations with says great or good or well done  or any other positive words after listening or reading your message, it means, he or she is negative and not doing his or her duty of positive appreciation.

Q: 6. Is he or she giving bad comment to upset to you?

Did you get any bad comment whose aim is to upset to you. Stop connect with him or her.

Q: 7. Is he or she not cooperating to you for achieving your goal?

If you have any goal and you have requested him or her to support you, if he or she did not co-operate with you. It means, you are not so important in his or her life. There is no value of you in his or her life. So, now, he or she is negative person for you and stop your connection with him or her.

Q; 8. Is he or she avoiding to take his or her responsibility?

If there is some responsibility of other person due to relation with you and if he or she is avoiding his or her duty or responsibility, it means, he or she is negative person and you must avoid him or her.

Q: 9. Is he or she speaking lie to you?

If he or she is speaking lie to you, he or she has done biggest crime and untruthful for you. So, there is no ethical side of same person. Stop to connect with him or her.

Q: 10. Is he or she showing distrust in you?

I know, you are living your life with some faiths and if other has distrust in your faiths, it means, he or she is negative person and stop to connect with him or her.

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