What is the Proof that My Disease will Cure with Your Online Naturopathy Personal Treatment

Question by Patient : 

What is the Proof that My Disease will Cure with Your Online Naturopathy Personal Treatment ?

Answer by Me 

I am giving two big proof to you that your disease will cure with only my online  Naturopathy Personal Treatment.

My 1st Proof : Proof of Possibility 

Did you learn law of probability in Mathematics Science. It is the mathematical calculation of possibility of happening any event or not happening that event. It means, possibility of future is science not blind trust without scientific calculations. Not know, please learn law probability on google.

If you will follow my all rules which are totally natural and natural law of god. Your possibility to cure your disease will increase. So, I have the proof of possibility of your success. I am just directing you positive side where there are big chances of your success.

For example : If you see the large number of flowers on the mango tree. You can say with confidence that you will got more mangoes. More flowers on the mango tree is the proof of possibility of more mangoes. A normal person who does not know maths can understand this truth.

If you will not get my online personal treatment and not follow my all natural rules. Your possibility to cure your disease or problem will decrease. That is also my proof of possibility of your failure in good health.

Like, if there are less flowers on the mango tree, there is less possibility of large mangoes. This is the proof of possibility of failure of mango tree as a successful large number of mangoes producing.

My 2nd Proof : Proof of Your Deficiency in Good Health

This is big proof from me to you which you can trust to take my online personal treatment.

You say me that your have disease and you told me when it had come to your body. It means, disease is not natural part of your body. It means you have accepted you are healthy before that disease or problem.  It means you accepted the truth that there is something wrong happened between your healthy life and today life as a patient of your disease or victim of problem. You also accepted that you are unable to understand these natural mistakes and how to improve all such natural mistakes.

In simple words, you have accepted you have deficiency in good health and you are speaking it disease by not understanding the roots of causes of your deficiency or lack of good health. There is not any existence of disease. It is just lack of good health. Like there is not existence darkness, it is just lack of light. There is not existence of ignorance. It is just lack of knowledge.

Now, my online personal naturopathy treatment will improve your all natural mistakes and it will cut the roots of causes of your deficiency in your good health.

Now you can again told me with your ignorance.

 How will  Dr. Vinod Kumar prove this?

How will you prove that I did natural mistakes?

Great question, if you will ask. I will give answer

Yes, I have its proof also

Let me explain with a simple example

In the farm, there are 50 cows and 50 horses. Owner of farm ordered to his servant to withdraw all the animals who have not horns  on their head at this time  from my farm. But servant is very honest and lover of truth. He did not withdraw any animal from the farm.

Owner started blamed on the servant that he is doing cheating with me not following my order. But servant told that I am honest and following my duty with honestly as per your given order to me.

Both went to supreme court. Judge listened both parties and gave his decision in the favour of servant. Why?

Servant told that when he listened his owner's order. I focused its truth only.

Horses are not horns. It is natural truth. Owner was saying, " Withdraw  all animals who have not horns on head at this time from my farm." It is very clear. I have been given order to withdraw who has the deficiency of horn in head of animals.

It means, any animal who had the horn in the past but at this time, there is lack of horn. It means, I have been ordered to find only cow which had horn but now, it does not have. I tried to find but I did not find such cow. So, I am honest.

Owner has accepted his mistake of not focus when he was giving the order and what he wanted from him. He accepted his guilty.

Not focus before speaking is big crime.

Judge was so happy from truthfulness of servant. Judge has given him also his chair. Servant has become the judge of supreme court from his truthfulness. Judge has told I have given my chair to him because who loves truth, got automatically ability to give the best judgement in the world.

Trust on me. I love only truth. I am also telling you same as servant told the truth. You were healthy in past. Now, you have deficiency in your health. Deficiency has come only with natural mistakes. A cow had horns on the her head but now if it does not has. It means it is natural mistake. Horn was cut by mis -happening with cow in accident or cut by a person. It did not cut by God after coming a cow in this world with horns. It is truth. You have disease which you see automatically in your body without any of your accident on the road, it means you have done mistakes. Now, with my naturopathy knowledge, skills and experiences, you will be healthy like past. Because you will connect again with same truth of nature.

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Thanks and Love

Dr. Vinod Kumar 

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