How to Cure Cervical Pain Naturally

Today,  we will tell you how to get relief from your neck pain and cervical pain. How to fix it.  In this life,  eight hours, you gave to sleep,  next eight hours to your work. Last 8 hours are so important, if it will not balanced, you may face diseases and pains in the body.

If you will not give time to exercise and will not give time for your hobby and you will not give time for your health. You will not pay attention to your cleanliness, it is sure, you will face  pain and disease. So life should be balanced.

If you have neck pain or cervical pain, then you can not rotate your neck. If you try to roatete it for work then pain starts. Look, there are muscles in the neck. If you have any  stress, your neck muscle will start tightness feeling and you will feel cervical  pain.  If the joint of neck are not flexible move, it will also be pain, if anybody's nerve has pinched in neck bone, it will be painful. Apart from this, you also see this neck which is your wisdom connects the knowledge  senses to the action senses. If there is a problem in this, you can feel it. Someone takes time to recover this problem itself.

So come, understand the naturopathy  treatment of this.

1. Make a plan for natural food

Anyone who works in the office consumes fried food every day, then he does not get the full power of his body. Due to lack of strength, your neck starts to weaken. And this also weakens your neck muscles. Now you have to improve your diet plan. So fried vegetables is not so powerful. Some vegetables, you can not eat raw such as brinjal, jimikand and sujane ke flowers, you can take it and eat it in the pure ghee of a native cow by fried. But with it you will have to eat a sprouted diet. In this, you can take the pulse of black gram, whole mung and lentil. At night, keep these pulses in water and eat raw in the morning. This will give you very much power. Apart from this, you should take fruits and raw vegetables and salads more and more. Now you have to take only 25% of the vegetables in the fried form and sprout with salads and fruits 75%. You do not have to use pressure cooker at all. Eating more germinated food will strengthen your neck. And your overpower will increase. Negative pain will not happen further.

2. Do the exercise to repair neck pain

When you have neck pain, you never eat painkillers. For him, you should exercise painkillers

A) .. Pull Neck  by Hand Exercise 

or Exercise to regulate neck 

In this, we keep our hand left side of head and pull the neck right side with right hand and then we do vise versa.

B.) Exercise the neck upward

Once you take the neck up and bring the neck down. If you do this 10 times, you will get a lot of relief from neck pain.

C) Exercise of the neck completely lost

In this exercise we rotate the neck 360 degrees. Which will end all the pain of the neck

D) Exercise your hands upward

This will also cure neck pain.

F) Press your neck heavily

By pressing the neck hard, you will be relieved of its pain.

3. Massage the neck with oil

Heat the sarson oil and massage the oil daily of your neck. This will increase the flexibility of the neck and the pain will end

4. Keep the neck in the right balance

You should not sleep on the stomach. You should keep your neck straight, standing and sitting. It cures neck pain. Always sleep on the wooden bed which should be hard or sleep on earth.

5. Get rid of  stress

Due to stress, cervical pain will start. For this, you will have to think positively. Do not think that you can not swim, if you want to learn to swim. Rather, you say I can swim. Keep your negative emotions in your dustbin. Once you are free from stress, your neck pain will  remove.

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