How to Increase Height Naturally by Food

Food is base of our body. If you want to increase your height naturally, food can help you. You just make two simple habit. One is to leave bad food and second is to start to eat good food. Now, get knowledge which is good and which is bad for you. 

1. Stop to Eat Unhealthy Food 

Some people told that this problem is genetic. Naturopathy does not accept this logic. As per naturopathy low height problem is not genetic. You ate unnatural and unhealthy food and you have faced the problem of short height. Let me explain with a simple example

For example, any person's father had bad habit and for this, he murdered other person. Court will give the punishment to your father not his children. This is natural law of justice. God is also judge, he will not punish the children for his father's mistake. So, it is not genetic.

Following is the list of food which you should not eat

1. Never eat meat, non veg and eggs
2. Never eat meda food like bread, kulche and burger
3. Never eat Meda nudals
4. Never drink cold water
5. Never drink tea
6. Never drink alcohol
7. Never eat outside food, fast food, hotel food and junk food.
8. Use desi ghee for oily food
9. Never eat salty ans sweety food
10. Never eat ice cream.

2. What do You Eat for Increasing your Height Naturally

1. Drink more and more milk
2. Eat Makhan and Desi Ghee
3. Eat Fruits. For example, if it is the season of mango, eat more and more mango

4. Eat green vegetables

5. Eat more and more dals

With this, your bone will strong and will make new bones. You will get all minerals for body. You will get all vitamin for body.

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