How to Overcome the Fear of Cancer

You are fearing from cancer or you have cancer phobia because you have not knowledge of cancer from basis of naturopathy, Today, I am re-imagining of cancer in your mind. As per naturopathy,  cancer is very very normal disease and it is fully curable within one month if you will follow following simple principles.

0. Speak daily in loud voice and full of mind energy that cancer is normal disease. I will follow Dr. Vinod's naturopathy treatment of cancer and I will be fully cured or I will become brave to face it.

1. Walk 20 kms daily.
2. Eat only fruit and green vegetables.
3. Stop to eat non-veg., eggs, salt, sweet and its products,  oily and fast food, meda food and all outside readymade food, food by use of pressure cooker.
4. Drink more water and do more exercise
5. Follow brahmchariya strictly. Even you are married. Control on sexual desire and use same energy for curing this disease.

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