Why is My Inguinal Hernia not Healing?

Inguinal hernia may be in the lower part of stomach and may be painful in testicle  also or there may be swelling. When patient starts naturopathy treatment, it takes time for detoxin the body.

So after few days of patient starts to ask the question, " Why is My Inguinal Hernia not Healing?"

Same question has asked today patient from UK.

I replied with following way. 

1. Before naturopathy treatment, you have inguinal hernia problem and also pain in testicle. Now, you have started again you are looking several time a day and focusing on same problem. That is the reason, you are not using your whole mind energy for following naturopathy rules.

For Example

I am going to walking for 10 kms. I am walking 10 kms but my mind is in my home of my stolen wallet. What will happen? All know that walking gives stress relief but you are not the case because you are focusing whole time on the problem of your stolen wallet. So, there is not benefit of walking.

Walking has great benefit for healing any type of hernia but your mind is always on the problem. So, you are wasting your mind's energy during the positive action of walking because your mind is absence from the solution of your problem.

Active Engagement of Mind on All Positive Action is Must 

Your mind should only think the positive action. Mind should think positivity. Mind should think hopefully. Mind should have the thoughts of trust on naturopathy rules.

Let Me Explain with a Simple Example

A young lady has baby. Due to fall, her baby died. Now, same lady thinks all the time about her died baby.

1) If I cared her, I can save her.
2) If I reached on the time, I can save her.
3 ) I am responsible for her death.
4. ) I can not live without her.

Like these type of negative thinking for one year, she has diagnosed brain tumor problem, heart problem, liver damage because only thinking about the problem.

 Yes, she has lost her baby. She has to accept this problem. Now start to think positive

1 ) I need to plan second baby.
2. ) My husband has good sperm count and I am also healthy and we can become again happy by getting new baby.
3. Birth and death, we can not control. So, we should not think about it. We came here for happy living. So, we will die also. So, we have to become happy all the time.

4. If same baby will live. Can she be happy to see her mother all time sorrow. So, soul is still have and invisible. So, feel it and be happy.

Like Inguinal Hernia patient should not see the problem place and think negative and fearful after seeing this.

He thinks positive

1. I am focusing on this naturopathy treatment and it will take time for two months and I will cure.
2. There is no place of fearful person in the world. I am healthy and I am powerful
3. God has sent in this world for achieving my biggest goal. So, I have to focus on my goal instead my personal problem.

4. I will remember,  problem will increase by thinking about problem. I will focus on solution. 

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