How to Gain 5 Kgs Weight in 10 Days

These days, people are interested to decrease the weight but there are lots of population who are underweight. So, it is very necessary to increase weight and bring it at optimum level fastly. One of great benefit of increasing weight for removing underweight that your capacity to fight disease will also increase.

For example, if your height is 5 feet and 7 inches. Your best weight must be 64 Kgs. So, if your weight is 56 kgs, it is your challenge to bring weight upto 61 Kgs in 10 Days. If you need to gain 5 kgs in 10 days, it means, you need to increase your weight 1/2 Kgs per day.

One of the great challenge of gaining weight is to become healthy. It is very easy to increase weight by eating junk food, fast food and Chinese food but you need to pay big price in the form of diseases. So, best way is natural way. Here, I am telling the best natural ways to gain 5 Kgs Weight in 10 Days

 Following are its simple steps.

(A) Food 

0. Before Breakfast 

Sprout of any Seed. One Plate. Best is Grams.

1. Eat Good Breakfast ( From 9 AM To 11 AM ) 

In breakfast, you can drink

1st Shift 

2 Ltr milk + 100 gram gur for sweet

6 Bananas

2nd Shift 

One Plate Daliya

3rd Shift 

It may start from 10 : 30 AM to 11 AM. In which you can eat 5 Roti + Sabji

2. Lunch 

5 Roti + Dal or Sabji + Salad

3. Rest 1/2 Hr

4. Drink 4 Ltr Water in 4 Shift

or 2 kgs  Fruits

3. Dinner Before 6 Pm

Roti + Sabji or Fruits

4. 2 Ltr. Milk in Night 

5. Use Desi Cow Ghee in Food

This will increase the fat in your body fastly.

6. Use Dry Fruits with Milk 

This will increase protein level of your body.

7. Dairy Food 

You should use different alternative of dairy food.

1. Whole milk
 2. Cheese
3.  Curd
4. Paneer

(B) Strength Exercise 

Strength exercise is very necessary. You must do following exercise

1. Push Up Morning and Evening 100

2. Pull Up Morning and Evening 100

3. Squat Morning and Evening 100

4. Weight Lifting

5. Bench Press

6. Dumbbells

7. Chest grow workout

8. Running Morning and Evening

9. Asan

10. Yog

(C) Good Sleep of 8 Hours 

Daily, you need to Sleep 8 Hours.  It will help to gain weight. You must sleep at 7 pm if you want to get up 3 am.

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