Best Natural Medicine of Fever

If you have any type fever in your body, you must use the giloy. It is best natural medicine of fever. It is easily available in every home. If not, you can buy its plant and you can grow it in your pot also. If you have any type of fever and it is not cured by any medicine, you should use giloy juice morning and evening daily.

Making giloy juice is very easy. Take 1 branch of one feet. Break it in small pieces and grind it with davri sota. ( Traditional hand mixture ). Now, add one glass water in it and filter and juice will ready and you have to drink without any ice, salt and sugar. It will kill all your fever virus and you will be healthy.

I am sharing some snaps, it will help also to understand the procedure of making giloy juice for curing fever.

Except fever, it will boost immune system. It will remove cough and cold.

One of great benefit of this best natural medicine of fever that there is no side effect and its positive action is very fast.

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