35 Ways to Control Anxiety

Following are the 35 ways to control anxiety.

1. Live Today Live Today

You will live today life today. You will have to stop the doors of past and future. With this, you can control you anxiety.

2. Accept What you do not Control

If something is not under your control. Accept it. You will ask yourself what will worst. You will accept it and try to improve it.

3. Fight with Tension

You will have to fight with tension for controlling anxiety.

4. Diagnose the Problem

You have to diagnose the problem by asking what is the problem. What are the causes of problem. What are different ways , alternatives and substitutes to solve the problem? What is the best solution of the problem

5. Busy in Your Work

You have to busy in your work for controlling anxiety

6. Forget Small Things

You need to forget small things for overcome the anxiety

7. Life is Small and it Should be Good

You will think always. Your life is small and it should be good. It will not busy in anxiety.

8. Find the Average of Happening of Event

If you are fearing from happening of any event. Try to find the average of happening of event through search and if average is very low. Enjoy your life and forget anxiety.

9. Don't Cut the Sawdust with Saw

Never waste your energy by trying to cutting sawdust with saw.

10. Promise to Be Happy

Today, promise yourself that you will be happy in your life

11. Try to Change yourself

You can not change the world. You need to transform yourself. Try to change yourself instead world.

12. Today Care Your Body

You should care your body. Because it obeys always your order. If you will care proper, it will be happy and healthy.

13. Accept the Happening

You should accept what happened in past and what will happen in future.

14. Be Mentally Strong Today

Today, you have to become mentally strong for fighting with anxiety.

15. Think the Thoughts of Happiness

You can think the thoughts of happiness. It can be possible by thinking about possibilities and substitutes. It will increase your potential. For example, if your one source of earning will stop. Never stop your life to grow. Try to find the possibility of new source of your earning with your talent. Try to find new substitutes of earning. With this, your can stop the anxiety or financial stress.

16. Never Take the Revenge from Enemy

If you want to control the anxiety, you need to forgive your enemy. You should not revenue the enemy because you do not want to waste your one second for thinking about a person which you do not like.

17. Never Expect Gratitude from Other

Gratitude is the attitude of each person. You should not demand from other. You have to start from yourself.

18. Train Yourself to Express Gratitude

Yes, you can train yourself to express gratitude. I am thankful to all by writing I am thankful notebook. It is good training.

19. Count the Boons Instead Pains Today

It is on you what you think. You can count your endless pains today. Yes, you have this ability. But it will increase your anxiety only. You do not do this. You have to start your boons today. Yes, if you start this list will big and you will forget yourself in it.

20. Do Not Copy Other 

You should not copy other. You will know yourself and keep yourself in original form.

21. Covert Your Badluck into good luck

Today, you need to convert your bad luck into good luck.

22. Think About Peace

Yes, thinking about peace is great. If you will start to think about peace, you will get only peace instead anxiety.

23. Give Happiness to Other 

Happiness to other is great power. It will help to forget your pain. Start to give happiness to other. For example, when you will find this way, you will surely get happiness.

24. Pray of God

Every day, you should pay of god

25. Never Criticise

Promise yourself, that you will never criticize today.

26. Do Best

Today what is your goal. You will go there and you will do your best to achieve same goal.

27. Write " Improvement of your today mistakes Notebook

It will improve you if you will start to write to improvement of your today mistakes notebook.

28. Rest Before Tired

At the time of tired, to take rest is not good. Take very small rest before tired.

29. Rest is Great

If you have tired totally. Just go to floor and rest unlimited.

30. Make Productive Working Table

You will not rush the working table by keeping all documents on it. Only important documents should on it.

31. Do Preferred Work First

You should fix the priority of your work. Only do important work first. Rest work should be delegate.

32. Solve Your Problem

If you get solution, fastly, solve your problem. Otherwise, you will mis this opportunity.

33. Try to Organise Your Work

If you will organise your all work, you will get peace of mind at the end of day.

34. No Sleeping is not a Problem

Always remember, if you are not sleeping, it is not problem. Try to study good book and enjoy.

35. Do Exercise Daily

Exercise relieve the stress, anxiety and tension positive way. So, do exercise daily.


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