Naturopathy Treatment for Gas and Stomach Problem

If you want to get Naturopathy Treatment for Gas and Stomach Problem, please follow following steps before Naturopathy Treatment for Gas and Stomach Problem, I want to say, it is your life style problem, so never eat any medicine for this. Just make better life style and your all stomach trouble will remove.

 1.  Stop to watch news, Movies and TV Shows

YOU should  Stop to watch news, Movies and TV Shows.

Main reason,

1.  you sit long time and body will stop to move and dust will stop in stomach and starts gas.  For example, you saw the news of accidental death of 20 people in USA. You will start to search how did they die? Who were they? Who is responsible for this? Is it not delay your goal of sending stool in toilet? Yes, If yes, we are taking news addiction in your life. Why are you taking movies addiction in your life. Why are you taking TV shows addiction in your life. Delay of toilet is starting of gas problem permanently. When I did understand this major fact. I stopped to watch newspaper, tv shows and movies.

Second, all these give you negativity. You consume sexual thoughts from all of them. Due to sex food from all of them, you get sexual desire. This desire will decrease your immune system. Decrease in the immune system means increase the gas trouble in stomach.

2. If you release first gas, it is natural symptom that you should go to toilet but you are enjoying the news of your great leader. You are not following naturopathy and you will not go for toilet. Due to this, you will face this problem.

IF I will tell my story, I will go to toilet with fast gas release because I know naturopathy and I understood this symptom and I did not watch any news, TV shows and movie. Due to this, I have no gas trouble in my body but you are either become thin or become bigger due to this gas problem. Your headache has become chronic. Your hairs are no more on your head. You will face the stomach pain. Why did all these things happen in your life.

As per naturopathy : To stop the natural pressure of toilet is sin. Because you will be in the news or movie or tv show, you will not listen the voice of natural pressure of your stomach which has sent to you by nature and this will make the difficult time for you. So, as a naturopathy doctor, I personally recommend you stop it as soon as possible.

 2. Stop to take stress, tension, anger and fear. 

About 90% common people do not know the digestion system of human body. Do you know descending colon in body. What is its main function? It collects dust. It should be flexible for smooth passing of bowel. But due to taking tension, stress, anger and fear, your this pipe which is the part of big intestine will be narrow. It will reduce the size of descending colon. If this pipe will not pass the stool, it means, there is no chance of outgoing of dust from body through stool. After this, dust will collect one by one and gas will start due to this difficult situation in your life.

Now, what positive action you will take.

Never take tension and stress and always be happy

Never anger and always be peaceful

Never fear and always keep self confidence in your own body.

For laughing, make your time table This time table will give you alert that this the time of laughing. Daily laughing will carry your from stress and tension and your whole body will relax daily.

Always feel that you are healthy. Think and write 10 plus point in your notebook daily, it will make your self- confidence. You should be gratitude about what you have. You should write the thankful notebook daily. With both notebook, you will increase your confidence. Where there is confidence, there is no fear of increasing disease because fear of increasing disease is ignorance and confidence is your knowledge which you have understood and you can use same at any situation. Find new one quality in your body everyday will also helpful to you. You will become genius if you will find all imagination in your body. There should no time of worry in your life. Life is the name of happiness only.  Only happiness inside you will make happy more and more and your life will become healthy.

 3. Stop to eat unnatural food. 

Stop to non veg. , eggs, and meat and oily food. All are unnatural. Try to eat more and more fruits and Stop to eat unseasonable food.

1. You should not eat winter food in summer, it will be very hot and start stomach gas.
2. Never eat winter vegetables in summer like muli, gajar and shalgam in summer.
3. Never eat summer food in winter like eating of mango in winter is totally wrong as per naturopathy.

Try to grow all vegetables and fruits in your kitchen garden, it will give you knowledge which plant gives fruit in winter and which plant give fruit in summer in your city. With this you can explain your brain which is best.

Remember again :

 Summer food eat in summer and winter food eat in winter. Hope, you will not do mistake and your all stomach gas will remove easily with this positive action.

If you will eat til ke ladu in summer, it will harm you because it is hot and it is food for winter not summer. If you like it, change your like. Never compromise it with health.

I have given these information after many diagnose of my patient. So, it is now your responsibility to note it or print and follow it honestly.

It will increase toxin in body. If you want your personal Naturopathy Treatment for Gas and Stomach Problem, please Contact me at my Whatsapp +91-9356234925

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