How to Overcome Mobile Addiction

Today, out of 100 people 99% people who have the mobile are the addicted of mobile. With this addiction, they keep switch on all the time and same switch on mobile carry their health at zero level because it disorder brain reward system. People have to pay this addiction's price in the form of chronic diseases.

For overcome mobile addiction, we need to understand whether we are addicted or not. If yes, we can preventive measures to control this addiction. So, start from diagnose process

How much time did you attach with your mobile on your productive day?

I think, you will have 6 days out of productive days. Sunday is off whether is you are student or doing job or doing any business. But, if you are free, 7 days are productive days for you. Did you keep your mobile on in 7 days. You say yes. It means, you are connect with whole world. Great. Congratulations. But please silent and try to understand. In 7 days, you may be busy in finding great idea for growing your life. Suppose in working day, you will attend 10 to 100 calls. It means 10 to 100 times, you will disconnect with your great idea. After few months, tendency of coming great ideas will stop because your mind will say, you are busy only to attend phone calls and you will only a slave to get pleasure of the voice of the world. With this, you can not each your biggest health dream in your life. Health dream can be achieved with getting great ideas and continually work on this idea for 10 years. So, you will get great achievement in your life. So, if you are thinking great idea, it needs time, so, please silent or switch off your mobile after 2 hrs.
When do you performing your important duty, do you have the habit of keep mobile in silent mode or switch off mode?

In this world, every one needs to do work if they want to be succeeded in life or get happiness long time. But if the mobile is on and high volume in your phone, it is sure, you will attend it. What will happen, your focus on the work will not for long time. Suppose, you have the lens and you need to fire from sun. You need to focus the lens on blank paper in the front of sun. With this, you will get magic of fire. With this, you can operate your factories. But if there is no fire, it means, no production and no business and no work. All are dependent on focus. So, if you are not focused due to mobile, please switch off or silent in whole day. Because zero level of focus on your activity will delay your work. With this, you will start to excuses. With this, you will be a sad person. With this, you will become a person of no peace. There will not any achievement because opportunities will come only with the focus on goal not focus on attending the mobile.

Do you have the habit of switch off mobile or silent your mobile before the time of sleep for getting great free from God in the form of better sleep?

This is my 3rd diagnose question to check whether you are sleeping very well in night or not because I need your better sleep to keep you healthy naturally. Do you keep mobile on when you go to bed for sleeping after 15 hrs work. Yes. Ok. Do, you attend phone calls in night. Yes. Then this is your addiction. So, stop it now. Switch off your mobile before the bed time or silent your mobile before bed time for sleeping. More good sleep is the signal  of your good health. Your all diseases will cure if you will sleep well in night. 

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