How to Live without Cooking

From 21st Feb. 2018 to 21st April 2018, I lived my life without eating any cooking food. I ate only raw fruits, vegetables, sprout and raw milk. So, I can teach you better way its simple steps.

1st Step : Make Chief Definite Purpose of Healthy Life 

Yes, I have made the chief definite purpose of my healthy life. I know that health become more better if I will eat raw food. So, I have decided to make the goal of living my life on raw food instead cooked food on fire.

2nd Step : Make the Plan for Raw Food

I have made every day plan for eating raw food

Mostly morning and after 6 pm evening, I drank raw milk

I sprout wheat but not daily. Sometime I have missed it and ate only fruit in morning and afternoon

I ate almost daily fruits

I have made chatni of mint and green vegetable without salt and chilli and use lemon for taste.

3rd Step : Use Self Motivating Words

I used self motivating words. That, it is very easy goal for getting big success and achievement in my life.

4th Step : Use Fresh Juice for Increasing Energy

Sometime I have drank juice 2 or 3 times daily which is extra than morning, afternoon and evening raw food.

5th Step : Control Your Mind 

I have controlled my mind by taking positive action. I controlled my fear of ill health. Before coming in naturopathy, I had the fear that if I will raw, I will become weak and face ill health. But after coming to naturopathy, I understood, raw food increase body's immune system. Remove toxin of body fastly. Self healing process increases fastly.  I kept my mind full peace. 

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