How to Do Self Body Massage with Oil

If you want to do self body massage with oil, you need to understand first its benefits and side effect of wrong massage. If you will learn to do self body massage with oil with our good way, you will get following benefits.

 1. Your body pain will remove

 2. You will get energy

 3. You will feel relax

4. Your disease will cure

5. You will be healthy and fit

6. Your muscles will strong
7. Your body arteries, veins and capillaries will strong.

 8. Your body all disorder will be order naturally

9. Your body mechanical defects will cure

 10. You will no need of any medicine or surgery

 11. It will remove blood blockage. If you will start to massage with wrong way, it may be harmful for your blood vessels. So, learn the best steps to do self body massage with oil

 1st Step : 

Take a oil in hand

 2nd step : 

Add it on the specific part of body

 3rd Step : 

Massage by rounding the circle on specific part. it will increase the flexibility in muscles. 

4th Step :

 Not to do super-fast because you are new and you need to slowly strong your muscles with oil and massage.

 5th Sep :

 Focus to bring body's blood to heart through massage. If you want to treat your problem through my personal naturopathy treatment, please whatsapp at my no. +91-9356234925

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