How to Cure Nightfall Permanently

Welcome to Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital. And today we will tell you how you can treat nightfall with Naturopathy. Due to your mistake of your healthy life style, you lose your sperm at night. When you got up morning, you see the different magic which you did not imagine. Your underwear was wet. Now, it is sure, you were depressed because without your permission, your sperm died after coming from your body.

You do not even know whether you have destroyed one of your very big assets in someone's dream because you do not know its value. One drop of Viraj has been made from 40 days eating of food. If there is night fall everyday, you can imagine that you are wasting your big asset. You will become weak everyday. One of great thing, it can be permanently stopped by some workout. It will like that you have full control on yourself and no one can withdraw money from your pocket without your permission.

Remember, destruction of one drop of power is the destruction of life. Saving of one drop is the saving of life.

Following are its simple steps. 

If you want to do Naturopathy Treatment of Night Fall, please follow following

1. Stop Unnatural Food

Stop to eat non-veg., eggs, meat, cold water, tea, coffee, salt and sugar food.

2. Start to Do Hard Exercise 

 Do start hard exercise in evening

3. Educate Your Mind Daily

Start to educate your mind by following ways

4. 1 Hr. teach by speaking loud before night

Oh dear mind, I am going to sleep, now you have to focus only to awake me at 3 am.

5. When You will See a Beautiful Girl, You have to Speak

When you will see beautiful girl, teach your mind by speaking loud for 120 times by taking one feet photo of your mother.

1. She is my mother
2. I am her son

6. Save Yourself from Attack of Opposite Attraction

Never see or talk with a woman for 2 months  month. Never meet a girl in lonely place for your desire of sex.

7. Power of Good Character 

Man is the product of habits. If you have bad habit, you will get bad results in the form of nightfall. Character is outcome of your habits.

Good thoughts > Good Habits > Good Character > Save from Nightfall

Try to improve your character.

8. Power in Reading of Good Books

Good books fit the mind like exercise fit the body. Give good food to mind by reading good books. It will make your good thoughts. Read the books of great personalities of the world.

9. Power of Keeping Good Photos 

 Keep photos of great personalities in your home.

If you want to treat your night fall or wet dreams from me through naturopathy, please WhatsApp  me at my mobile no. 9356234925 

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