How to be Veg. in Saudi Arabia

I know to be veg. in saudi arabia is difficult but not impossible. If you have varicocle problem, if you have heart problem, if you have kidney problem, if you have liver problem and if you have constipation problem and if you have indigestion problem or any other disease, then as naturopathy doctor, I personally recommend you to stop to eat non veg., eggs and meat immediately if you do not want to increase your disease and cure your disease fully within 60 days without any medicine and surgery. Now, you are interested to leave non veg and to become veg. but problem is the situation of place. So, I am giving you the solution.

1. Drink 2 Ltr Raw fresh Camel Milk Morning and Evening

Instead eating non veg food, you just go to camel man and buy the 2 kgs. milk morning and evening and drink it. It is so powerful to cure your all disease and you can live veg. in Saudi Arabia.

2. Eat Fruits

Try to buy fruits and Eat it.

3. Grow Vegetables in Your Home 

Yes, there is nature in also saudi arabia and you can grow your own vegetables and eat. 

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