Diseases will Cure with Positve Action not with Focus on Problem

Dear all, focus on your disease problem is the main problem of each patient. All time, they think about the problem, problem, problem and problem. Who is in this world who has no problem. Only focus on problem, there is not cure of disease. You need to take positive actions.

 I do not want to disappoint you because you have trusted on me. But, you are not in my personal physical hospital. So, I can verify only one your positive action out of my 80 plus rules to cure you that is get up and sleeping time. There are great patients @Hernia Chatisgarh 1632018 , @Apendix Gujarat 142018 , @Hernia ayodya 1722018 , @Constipation Sikim 1112o17 , @Hernia Maharashtra 1222018 , @Hernia Rajkot 122018 ,@Hiv Positive Mp 2122018 .@Varicocele Etava 442018 and lots of other in this reserved group of WhatsApp because all are focused on positive action not on problem. There is nothing in this world who has no problem.

For example : I have pain in stomach. It is because I have focus there. If I started to focus what are mistakes and how to improve it through positive action and this time I will focus in all positive action.

From my personal example

I ate Isabgol more than its limit. It started pain in my stomach. Same day, I wrote this mistake in my notebook and Next day, I stopped to repeat this mistake. Now, there is no my stomach pain.

I made gond katira in less water and ate it and again my stomach pain. I have written in my improvement of mistake notebook. I have learned the proper quantity of water for making gond katira. So, I did not repeat the mistake and now I am healthy and no stomach pain.

You need to take only positive action and not to repeat the mistake for becoming all time healthy. So, I have rule that every patient has to make improvement notebook. It is must for the patient who is doing my personal treatment.


1. More focus on problem means more fear and this will increase disease

2. More focus on problem means more laziness and this will increase disease

3. More focus on problem means more doubts due to ignorance and will take wrong action.

4. More focus on problem means more absense of positive mental attitude and will affect your positive action decision making. 

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