Naturopathy Treatment for Low Blood Pressure - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

Today, we talk about naturopathy treatment of low blood pressure without eating any medicine like allopathic medicine, homoeopathic medicine or ayrvedic medicine. I will teach you that your bp will be normal without using of any medicine. So, come and learn the system of naturopathy for curing your low bp. Low bp means hypotension and if you are patient of high bp, it means, you are the patient of hypertension. Tension is the source of low bp and high bp.

Symptoms of Low BP

First of all you know the symptoms of low bp. Are you facing the feeling of faint? Are you feeling very weak?  Are you not interested to do work in the morning? Are you unable to uplift any small thing? If you test your bp, it may be the problem of your low bp. Your bp neither low or nor high. It must be normal. What is bp. It means blood pressure. In the body, there are arteries, capillaries and veins. It is double highway more than 1 Lakh kms. There are very small blood vessels in whole body. In these blood vessels, blood is transporting. First from heart to each small cell of body by taking pure oxygen and nutrition and then the waste of matebolics from cell will again back to heart and for purifying the blood again. This is called blood circulation system.

Reasons of Low BP

Following are main reasons of low bp

1. Low blood in body
2. Low iron and calcium in body.
3. Low haemoglobin
4. Weak of Immune system

If low bp will be long time, your heart will not work, your kidney will not work, your liver will not work and your brain will not work because blood is not going their because low blood pressure. Like plant will not grow without good supply of water, your whole body organ will be affected with low supply of blood to body.

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