Naturopathic Treatment of Gastric / Acid Reflux / Acidity

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Hallo dear friends, I am Dr. Vinod. Today we treat your acidity problem, gastric reflux or acid reflux or GERD problem.

 First of all, we have to understand this.

Due to our bad life style and bad thinking that we can eat any type of bad food and if there will be defect in body, we can eat small medicine of allopathic and we will become healthy. We repeat this bad thinking and start to eat all bad food which we find in the market and which buy and make in the kitchen.

Due to this bad thinking and bad food, our food will back to mouth. In this food, there is acid. Because it will come from stomach to above food pipe, so, it will bring heart burn and chest pain. Reflux means jumping the water in the sea. Like this, our undigested food will go to food pipe and it will give you very painful experience. You will feel heart attack but it is not heart attack but it is acidity. If it will happen many days or months, it will convert into alser and then it will convert into cancer.

Now, come to the root of its happening. There are three major causes of its happening

1. There is big dust in small and big intestine

Due to eat more and more bad food and no movement in your small and big intestine, there will be jam in both intestine and it will be full of dust. So, dust will start space in above stomach.

2. There is big dust in stomach container

Soon, above stomach will be full of dust food. You will be indigestion problem and if you will eat again, it will go to back with its acid contents. So, you will become the patient of acidity.

3. The fire of pancreas is very low.

Just back of this stomach is pancreas. If there is the low of fire in it due to not any exercise in many days and many months and many years, your food will not digest properly and you will become the patient of acid reflux.

If you want to treat your this Gastric / Acid Reflux / Acidity problem, you have to follow simple rules of naturopathy.


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