How to Overcome Medicine Addiction

Before telling the simple steps to overcome medicine addiction or drugs addiction, I want to tell that
From last 70 years, market is full of allopathic medicines and other medicines on the name of full curing the diseases. All are big side-effects. One of biggest side -effect is that patient will addicted because it gives temporary relief. But did not cure whole disease. So, for getting short term reward, he or she eat it continually. So, with this, all our body's different parts like kidney, liver, heart and brain will full of toxin.  It is very difficulty for body to remove such toxin and moreover people will dependent on it. So, it is addicting like addiction of alcohol. There is no need of any medicine in this world. Self-healing process and immune system is enough to cure the patient fully.

If you feel, you are medicine addicted, we can help you to overcome it by following following steps.

1. Increase your stamina to remove all medicine fully within 30 days

2. Use the Self-Motivation energy for overcome the medicine.

3. Use the power of focus for walking 20 kms daily.

4. Use the natural substitute like fruits and green vegetables for curing your all diseases.

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