How to Overcome the Fear of Disease - Dr. Vinod Kumar

Every disease is not big disease but due to fear, it makes big disease. Every time when you face fear, it will increase stress in your brain. Your peace of mind will disturb. You will not sleep well. You started to eat lots of medicine. Due to this, poison will increase in your body. You think, fever, caugh and cold is disease but it is not disease, it is natural system of removing toxin from body.

Your only Fear of Disease is just dark room which helps you to fall anywhere. So, you should take the bulb of knowledge to overcome your fear of disease.

1. Increase your Positive Mental Attitude Every day

When you are thinking about fear. Start to think positive. Focus only positive thinking. That you are doing positive action for good health like walking and exercise and yoga for 2 hrs daily, so, you will be no disease. You are becoming healthy.

2. Diagnose Your Disease with a Naturopathy Doctor. 

I asked 100 questions for finding the disease. If you clear my 100 question's test. I will give the certificate of fitness.

3. Remember : Fear is always done by your inside Dog. It Needs Natural Food

 Now, start to find the root of fear. Dog is barking you and you start fearing and thinking that Dog will cut you and you will face dangerous disease from it. Think positive. Dog is barking to you because his or her owner has given food for this action. Actually, his owner wants to protect himself or herself from thief. That is reason, he or she is giving food to him or her. You just give food to Dog and dog will become friend of you. In naturopathy, if you think fear, you need the natural food like juice, like green vegetables and like fruits. All are natural and give you energy. Dog who is inside and giving you fear will be think peacefully and give you power of positive action for better health.

4. Never listen or watch or read any news. All give you negativity.

 Because fear is sale-able product. Because you fear that is reason, they started to fear you for buying their newspaper or its advertising medicine.

For example, if I will say, you have big disease and you will disease with big pain, give me fees and because as a Doctor, you have trusted me and you started to think fearfully that Doctor is saying me that but I may be the cancer of Greed. Like me, every doctor may be the cancer of greed. So, control your cancer of fear through peace of mind and increase the daily happiness of mind.

If you want personal treatment or diagnose your disease, WhatsApp me at my mobile no. 9356234925. 

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