How to Overcome Abuse

For knowing the steps of " How to overcome abuse addiction?", you should know the the abuse, it means to use some verbal words for insult other. You can abuse if you have no respect of other or you want to give the lesson but it will become your addiction and you will speak abuse words everywhere and every place. No one will love you and all will save from you from your anger and abusing personality. Actually, from heart you will become a fearful person. Instead of fighting or facing, you will run after abusing other. So, try to get lesson to overcome this abuse addiction from me.

 1. Give the better lesson to the Person who Insulted you instead abusing. - Learn from Indian Freedom Fighters

 2. Forgive who has insulted you.

 3. Speak " I am thankful to you" Who insulted you.

 If you want to personal training for overcome this addiction, just whatsapp me ( Dr. Vinod Kumar at my mobile no. 9356234925 ( India ) or +91-9356234925 ( outside India ) .


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