Naturopathy Treatment of Hair Fall

Few days ago, One of my patient wants to treat his hair falling problem with naturopathy. Whether you are man or woman, you will look beautiful if you have the hairs. It is the part of your personality. If hairs starts to falling, forehead and back brain will look without hairs. With this, your personality will decrease. With this, there may be many psychological problems will start. A lady may feel negative if her hairs are falling and she will looks without hairs very ugly. If you want that your hairs will become iron. If you want it will strong that it will not fall after trying to remove it, it means you have started naturopathy. Do you want, how can it be possible. Yes, it can be possible with proper treatment of naturopathy. With this naturopathy treatment, there will no need of transplant of hairs. So, come and understand. I am follower and practice of naturopathy from last 15 years. I can show my hairs, it is strong as iron stick. If your hairs will strong like me, you can take anything with this. No problem. For this, you just follow some naturopathy rules and regulations and then you will see its magic.

 1. Follow Brahmcharya

 In woman, there is the power in its raj and in man, there is power in semen. If any woman practise brahmcharya and any man practise the brahmcharya and will not waste its one drop, hairs will stop to fall. If a person uses unnatural forms of sex and withdraw his semen or raj, there will be huge weakness in whole body and his or her hairs will start to fall like rubber . Many person falls in masturbation and withdraw his semen. Due to this, night fall will start. With this, body will be without poor blood. If woman starts masturbation before marriage, their periods will be abnormal and both will be without hairs after sometime. All beauty will be zero after falling hairs. Moreover, if husband and wife do sex with each other without the goal of baby, it means, they are wasting their worthy asset and their hairs will start to fall. As per naturopathy, you have to save your semen and raj. You have to save it at any cost. Now, learn how will semen or raj save you from falling the hairs. If you have started to save semen or raj, your brain power will increase. This power will protect the your hairs. For example, if I have powers in my arms and shoulder muscles, I can lift the 60 kgs. Weight. If there is no power in my arms and shoulders due to wastage of semen, I will be unable to lift same weight. You can start to become brahmcharya with setting the goal of controlling your sexual desire.

Following are its simple steps.

 a) Make to do list : You have to make the to do list. It means, you have to change focus from fulfilling your sex desire to other goals of life. For whole day, you have the list of work. You should know what to do from morning to sleep except to release semen or rej with negative ways.

 b) Change the environment : If you feel that the desire of sex is increasing and you are feeling your mind is uncontrolled. Start to change same place. Run 5 kms.

 c) Exercise : You should do the exercise, with this you semen will absorb in brain and it will protect your hair falling

 d) Meditation : You have to remember om in mind for one hr. By remembering om, you are increasing the pure waves of god in your mind. He will surely help you to save protect you.

 2. Stop to Eat Allopathy Medicine

 If you face the normal cold, cough, fever or any normal disease, you just go to pharmacist and buy allopathy medicine, it will surely relief temporary but it is the main reason of falling your hairs. So, never buy and eat any allopathy medicine. All disease have naturopathy treatment, you just follow them and forget everything. It is necessary because there is big reaction of allopathy medicine on the other healthy parts of body. So, never take risk of such healthy parts. I have lots of patients who is suffering from falling hairs because they have eaten the allopathy medicine. So, I recommend you not eat allopathy medicine. I already explain, how can you cure your headache with naturopathy, you just follow them.

 3. Stop to Take Tension

 You will not take tension of any issue of your life whether it is relating to health, relation of finance. If you do not have the money in your pocket. No problem, there are many free substitutes in the world, you can get anything which you want totally free but you have to search for this. You have to give time for this. For example, you are reading my content and watching my video totally free of cost. If you are failure as seller or business person, still you should not take tension. You have to check where is mistake. You have to improve same mistake. You can remove your all tension by living today life today. You never take tension of past because if any milk fell on the floor, you can not drink, then why are you taking tension. You do not eat next 100 days roti today. So, why are you taking tension of future. For example, I am also stopping all my tensions and making this video and writing this content. You can also do your work with taking tension.

 4. Stop to Eat Unhealthy Food 

 You never eat non-veg. ,eggs, meat and drugs. You never drink cold water and tea. You never eat salty and sugar food. You should not eat fast and junk food and oily food. All are harmful for your disease. So stop to eat them. Your long hairs are the god gift and it will be for those who will eat only healthy food.

 5. Run 4 Kilometers daily and see its magic 

 One of best practical yoga is running. With full power, you have to run 4 kms. For 30 days, you have to run 4 kms. Your blood will go very fast to your foot and then it will go to brain with same pressure. So, your hair falling will stop, because it will get the blood.

 6. Eat Fruits and Green Vegetables Daily 

 Every day, you should all seasonal and organic fruits and it will give nutritional to your hairs. So, it will go long instead fall.

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