Online Naturopathy Course

Rs.15000   Rs. 10000  (33.33% Off)

What is in Our Full Naturopathy Course?

Demo Video ( How will we teach you naturopathy? )

What Will I Learn?

  •  Master powerful detoxification and cleansing techniques.
  •  Achieve optimum health and learn the knowledge of true art of healing
  •  Learn how negative emotions affect my health 
  • 38 videos by health expert by Dr. Vinod Kumar 
  • eBook of Finding the Root of Cases and its Naturopathy Treatment 
  •  Gain understanding of Natural Hygiene principles 
  • To qualify for  7-days practical training of naturopathy students in Our Hospital. 


An open mind, willingness to learn, determination to make positive change, and a willingness to share with others.


Whether you wish to learn for yourself or you would like to open your own naturopathy hospital as a business, this training will benefit you. Lifestyle diseases negatively affect our  society greater than 75%. The majority of these diseases are preventable and reversible by changing lifestyle habits and the use of simple natural remedies and health principles.

Master the principles of health and healing using the simple and effective agencies of nature. Teach others and create your own health business.

Uniqueness of this program

This course is unique because it combines naturopathy treatment without allopathy medicine and surgery , detoxification, and the use of natural remedies and herbs. This course is based on natural principles.

Students, Join our course and start your positive changes today!

Who is the target audience?

Do you want to learn how to improve your health and how to prevent and reverse chronic diseases with naturopathy? If yes, this course is for you.

If you are satisfied with your lifestyle, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, weight gain, poor diet, and negative attitude, then this course is NOT for you.

Are you interested in becoming a healthy  lifestyle trainer to better your own health and that of others? If yes, this course is for you.

Curriculum For This Course

Training of Naturopathy Treatment of All Diseases 

Video Contents ( 29 Videos)

  1.  Naturopathy Treatment of Kidney Failure
  2.  Naturopathy Treatment of Hernia
  3.  Naturopathy Treatment of HIV - Positive / AIDS - Part 1 
  4. Naturopathy Treatment of HIV - Positive / AIDS - Part 2 
  5. Naturopathy Treatment of HIV - Positive / AIDS - Part 3
  6. Naturopathy Treatment of HIV - Positive / AIDS - Part 4 
  7. Naturopathy Treatment of HIV - Positive / AIDS - Part 5
  8.  Naturopathy Treatment of Sinusitis
  9.  Naturopathy Treatment of knees Pain
  10. Naturopathy Treatment of Diabetes
  11. Naturopathy Treatment of Headache
  12. Naturopathy Treatment of Tonsillitis
  13. Naturopathy Treatment of Constipation
  14. Naturopathy Treatment of Kidney Stone
  15. Naturopathy Treatment of High Blood Pressure
  16. Naturopathy Treatment of Poor Eight Sight 
  17. Naturopathy Treatment of Fever in Summer
  18. Naturopathy Treatment of Fever in Winter
  19. Naturopathy Treatment of Abnormal Menstruation 
  20. Naturopathy Treatment of Appendicitis
  21. Naturopathy Treatment of Teeth
  22. Naturopathy Treatment of Discopathy
  23. Naturopathy Treatment of Jaundic
  24. Naturopathy Treatment of Cirrhosis
  25. Naturopathy Treatment of Hair Fall 
  26. Naturopathy Treatment of Cancer 
  27. Naturopathy Treatment of Night Fall
  28. Naturopathy Treatment of Underweight of Child
  29.  Naturopathy Treatment of Hydrocele

Training of Yoga and Asans

Video Contents ( 4 Videos)

Printed Books 

5 Books for full Naturopathy Course 


For Diagnose the Problem of Patient.

Online Test

We take Online Test at the End of Dec. , March, June and Sept. .We will ask 60 objective types question which you have to answer. Each question will be 1 mark.


If you will clear our Online Accounting Course Test Successfully with minimum 40% marks, we will give you Certificate of Degree in Naturopathy.

Benefits of Our Online Naturopathy Course

 # All time free Support
 # You can take backup our all online study materials.
 # 15 years hard-work in this course 
# Language : Both Hindi and English
Instructed by Dr. Vinod Kumar  

If you want to know anything regarding this course, please call or whatsapp at our mobile no. +91-9356234925

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