How to Boost Immunity Naturally

Namskar, from this video, you will learn to boost your immunity naturally with 5 elements of nature 

1. Boost immunity with water

If you have done some study of space science, you have the knowledge that our earth has 70% water and only 30% land. If you see the video on youtube, you will find that earth is showing blue from the moon. 

Now, tell me what God wants to prove. Water is very necessary on this earth. 

Now, if you study medical science, you know that inside body, there is 70% water in the form of blood. Both are necessary. But the human being is busy with unnatural things and decreased his level of water inside the body. Due to this, his immunity has decreased. If he wants to increase his immunity, he has to drink water in the morning. He has to drink water between morning and afternoon and in the evening also. So, he will get succeed to maintain the level of water in the body. 

2. Boost immunity with fire

If you want to boost your immunity with fire, you need to walk in park in sunlight. Sun gives fire energy to you. It will kill all your disease atoms. 

3. Boost immunity with Air

If you want to boost your immunity with air, you need to go to park and breath fresh air. Air helps to kill all diseases naturally without medicine.

4. Boost immunity with Soil

IF you want to boost your immunity with soil. Start to eat fresh fruits. Eat fresh veg. Eat boil veg. Never keep food in freeze. Never eat old food. Never eat packet food. 

5. Boost immunity with Sky 

If you want to boost your immunity with sky, you need to eat up to 6 pm and keep space for sky for 12 hrs and sleep before 8 pm. Sky is the name of rest. Get rest energy for increasing your immunity. 

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