What to do if someone blocks your way - Rasta Ka Vivad || #Dr. Vinod Kumar

When Somebody block your way whether it is private or government ,

you must remember

1. Never take the tension, only one way block, God will open a thousand more ways for your happiness 2. the person who block your way is also made with mud. How long will he stop if Alexander is not here, how long will he last, Everyone die, this is truth. Forgive and remember God, he has given life, he will take care how to forgive learn from this video

don't be afraid, teach a lesson

you must remember

1. Fear is cowardice but be patient, don't rush to a lawyer in haste, time makes everyone old and old age, solution will be peaceful.

If you want to teach a lesson

first win your own anger, know how to win anger from this video

Neighbour will not upset your mind

you must remember

God has made the neighbour, but this is a forest. Everyone respects the lion and the prey runs away Are you a victim of weakness of your mind? Because the one who is weak is troubled, not the fault of the neighbor So let's convert your weakness into strength with the 9th part of the benefits of celibacy. Read it now

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