Benefits of Indian Cow Milk

There are lots of types of Indian cows like sehwal, rathi, gir and tharparkar. All are best and it is best for your health. Following are the health benefits of Indian cow milk

1. Secret of Health Due to Drinking Indian Cows 

Every diseases happens due to increase of dust in your stomach. As per Swami Dayanand Sarswati in Go-karuna-nithi book. This inside dust starts to increase the air pollution and blood pollution  in our stomach.  If you drink two times fresh desi indian cow milk, you body will generate less dust and less dust means less disease in the body. Simple but this is great secret.

2. Indian Cow Milk Increases Brain and its Memory Power

If you use the google drive, it gives 30 gb free memory for recording the data. If you need more memory, you have to pay it.  But cow milk is great. It gives unlimited memory power for your brain. With drinking its milk, your brain will become sharp. Just drink one month one glass fresh milk of desi indian cow and see the magic.

3. Save from Side Effects of Bone Meal for Holstein, Jersey and F.S. Cows

If you start to become Go-palak for Indian cow and make your own feed and you will save from bone meal which make all these cows mad cow disease and same diseases will go to you and make you disease ful due to drinking of milk.

4. Increase the Immune System of Body

Desi Indian Cow milk is very powerful for increase the immune system of body. 

5. Best Treatment of Diabetes 

If you have diabetic patient. Heal it by drinking Indian desi cow milk. 

6. Best Treatment of Reproductive Diseases

If you have any reproductive organ disease, fresh desi indian cow milk is best to heal it. 

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