How to Heal Your Diseases with Gratitude Habit

[08/10, 5:16 AM] Dr. Vinod Kumar: Fact : 

Please show me last 10 days notebook of thankfulness

In hindi

thankfulness ki pichle 10 din ki notebook dikhaye. Mis kiya to nhi heal hogi

Kiya to hogi

Thanks vale cheti thik hote 

Complain vale nhi hote bimari bdti hai

[08/10, 5:17 AM] patient: 

No, I did not start thankfulness notebook.

Note to abhi tak ni banaya hu sir

My reply

[08/10, 5:20 AM] Dr. Vinod Kumar: 
It is biggest mistake, not serious to the advice of doctor


Dear patient ki sabse bde galti hoti hai ke vo doctor ki bat ko serious hi nhi leta
[08/10, 5:21 AM] Dr. Vinod Kumar: 

Because you don't try to find facts

Kyoki facts KO janne ki koshish hi nhi krta
[08/10, 5:21 AM] Dr. Vinod Kumar: 

You only take tension, fear and anxiety and feel worry. 

Sirf bimari ki chinta mein din rat ghulta rhta hai
[08/10, 5:22 AM] Dr. Vinod Kumar: Now fact: 

By writing thankful notebook daily habit, you can heal your all diseases without medicine

thankful note book se bimari healing hoti hai

[08/10, 5:22 AM] Dr. Vinod Kumar: Means understand kre

[08/10, 5:23 AM] Dr. Vinod Kumar: Fact 1. Time is limited

[08/10, 5:24 AM] Dr. Vinod Kumar: Fact 2 : 

You and me do only limited work in this limited time. 

main ya app sirf limited work apne limited time mein kr sakte hai

[08/10, 5:26 AM] Dr. Vinod Kumar: Fact 3. 

You and me have to choose what to do in this limited time.

To app KO choose krna hai kya krna hai

Option 1 . 

Waste time in taking tension of diseases

bimari ki chinta mein time waste krna hai

Option 2. 

To invest your time daily to write thanks god and 5 people who supported you.

God ka va aj ke din 5 logo ka thanks mein time invest krna hai jis ne mujhe support diya

[08/10, 5:29 AM] Dr. Vinod Kumar: Fact 3 

Result of option 1 

Option 1 ka result

Brain releases negative harmons, there is no need of such harmons.

With tension, you feel more fear. 

Increase your mind hate

Increase your complaining frequency.

Increase your depression



No good sleep

Your brain is converting your normal diseases as chronic diseases.

Brain negetive harmons bnayega jis ki jarurt nhi hai 

Kyoki tension se fear bdta hai

Hate bdti hai

Complain bdte hai

Depression bdta hai

Bhukh km hoti hai 

Need achi nhi Ati 

Bojan sadta hai pachta nhi 

Esse bimari bd kr chronic roop le leti hai

8/10, 5:46 AM] Dr. Vinod Kumar: Fact 4 

Option 2 result

1. If you write daily thankful notebook, it is good exercise of your brain 

2. Brain will make new positive Harmon, which is needed at this critical time.  You feel you are getting support emotionally with thankfulness

3. It will increase hope emotions. You will be hopeful that you get same support in future.

4. With your hopefulness, you remove your depression.

5. You start love instead hate.  I love you because you supported me and I am thankful. Jaise, I. Took fees from you. I eat food from this and in my whole life, I Will be thankful and I love you. If you will not in my life, I will not happy. Love will go inside and you feel happy and healthy.

6. Your digestion system Strong

7. Bring good relationship in your life

8.  With thankful writing habit, your chronic disease will heal. First become acute and then full heal.

9 & 10

It is my habit to write thankful notebook and I am healthy from brain, mind and body.

Option 2 ka result

1. Thankful notebook daily likhne se brain ki exercise hoti hai 

2. Brain new positive Harmon bnayega jis ki es time sakat jarurt hai. You feel you are getting support emotionally with thankfulness.

3. Esse hope bdta hai kyoki app thankful ho ttha hope kr sakte ho future mein support melega

4. Jha hope ki feeling hogi vha depression nhi hoga. Koyi you are hopeful

5. App hate ki bjaye love start kroge. I love you because you supported me and I am thankful. Jaise, I. Took fees from you. I eat food from this and in my whole life, I Will be thankful and I love you. If you will not in my life, I will not happy. Esse, love apke ander jata hai va bimari ko heal krta hai.

5. Bhukh achchi lgti hai 

6. Rat ko need achchi ati hai 

7. Relationship achche hote hai

8. Bhojan achche se pachta hai

9. Esse chronic disease pehle acute hota hai va fir khatam ho jata hai

10. Main 4 salo se non stop yh exercise kr RHA hu . life mein  big happiness aya hai. 

Main eska sabut de sakta hu

Main pass moti moti note book hai 

Har roj ka hisab kitab hai 

Unlimited logo ne support di to aj main healthy , happy and peaceful hu kyoki main dil se sabka thankful hu 

My life is full of attitude of gratitude

No complain

No criticism

No backbite

No hate 

No anger

No jealousy

No fear 

Only love

So it is my request from you

From my ❤️💞💖


Now make your daily habit of thankfulness

Write thankfulness to god of his new blessing and thanks 5 people for his support.

Daily apni habit bnaye

God ke app ko diye blessing ka thanks likhna va

5 people jinoho ne aj app ki support ki

[08/10, 5:49 AM] Dr. Vinod Kumar: 

Now decide where you go.

Now decision app ne lena hai 

Option 1 or 

Option 2

Please tell me 


Where you have to go

Kha jana hai

You are judge of your life

I am your life advocate

I can help you with truthful facts who is killer and who is victim. Now please take the decision and tell me 

Thanks and love 

Dr. Vinod kumar

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