How to Overcome Suicide Thoughts


Hello dear friends, I am Dr. Vinod Kumar and you are seeing the website of Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital,

Friends, the era that is going on today, which is called the era of depression.

It has become a common thing that people have started committing suicide and if we are full of  our positive  and accurate thoughts, then if we easily overcome the idea of ​​suicide, except this, we can also save other person's life. Not one, you cannot save millions, save the lives of people, keep this much faith, the above has given you so much power that you can develop. Your believe system is responsible for grow or failure of your life. If you believe you can do, you can do, if you believe you can not do, you can not do. Both is accurate. 

Today I will talk about these thoughts, I will ask only two questions, if you have the answer to this, then you will never think of suicide, you will always keep positive thoughts and make a purpose in your life. Your life will be a motive in itself, which will support others and save the lives of others. 

Just two questions

And write these questions  and if you can answer this, then you will easily overcome your suicide thoughts, first of all, I want to tell you why only look at four or five reasons, due to which the man or woman have the negative thoughts of suicide. 

Number 1

 Due to lack of money

There is no money in his pocket and in this lockdown the Million of Indians has run out of money in his pocket. No one gets to buy any goods in the market, job security is non. Every person who wants to get a job. That hope has gone. Because every family person has the responsibility to survive the life in the family. This is single reason, like this failure of business or loss of investment in any business or loss of job creates financial stress in the mind and same mind force to suicide to human body. 

Number two

Chronic illness

 There is any chronic disease that you call h i v, there is no virus that can destroy the immune system of human body.  Because of the bad food you ate, your immunity has decreased. If you eat good food, your immunity will strong. If you will eat five leaves daily like tulsi, neem, pipal, gloye and bael. You will free fastly from all chronic diseases. 

Number three


If you are cancer patient ,  your immunity will reduce. Due to victim of cancer, you increase negative thoughts. These negative thoughts will also make your mind a cancer mind. Apart from this, the mistakes that happened in the past, due to which one experiences self-guilt and anger. And feel a life of loneliness. Cancer can easily cured to live some days only on water, fruits and green veg. and stop fully  dairy food, animal based food and oily food. 

Number four

Death of someone

Death of someone you love deeply.

Now, Today I am asking you two questions which you have to understand

Question 1

If I do not give the food to an animal for 20 days, what will this Animal accept?

Do you tell if animal accepts that he should commit suicide or should he or she die

If an elephant is in prison for 20 days without food, will he accept it or try to protect himself? Or they go ahead on the policy of Never Give Up or they want to eat food even after twenty days. So the answer is that after 21 days, all animals will eat food and live with the hope of life, they do not want a house, they do not want a property, they need only necessary stuff like food to survive the body. 

Because all animals believe in nature, if I eat good food, then I will be healthy. You too should start such a belief. Today you have a million problems. It will be finished and very good solutions will be available

You have got very good results from this example that the animal eats food even after 20 days and he believes that he will get food after 20 days. 

So he has a hope that he will get food, you should also say that you also have problems that cannot be solved, but one day you will get a solution to your one hundred problems.

(Visualize in your mind )

If I become powerful then feel such confidence and such Believe. Repeat with your eyes closed and I have these problems. And it is going to get its result very soon. About to meet. The animal also gets food after 20 days. You will also get a solution.

Your question's answer has been cleared. All the animals in the world have to live according to them.

Second question

Let's get serious

Without practicing, without lifting less weight, without workout 1 million raps, can you lift 100 kg.

 I remember well that around 1998 I started a gym and by the end I had also done 100 kgs bench press. Since 1998, today is 2020, today it has been 22 years. I got raps. 10 kgs, put 20 kilograms, put 50 kilograms, put on 60 kilograms, raised 90 kilograms, I remember this winter I have put a bench press of 100 kilograms. The question is that you can lift 100 kilos without o reps of small weights?  No no You will tell me 100 times no brother, I cannot lift. So whatever is your problem today. Which is not solved, it is the weight of 100 kgs. Which you cannot lift. Consider it. Believe it in your mind. You have to slowly apply the Reps Mind. First of all, learn to solve small problem instead solving big problem. Divide your big problem into small problem and be confident to solve it. 

If I want to apply 4 reps of 100 kilos, then I have to start with 4 reps of the first 25 kilos and I have to increase the stamina slowly by doing 400 reps of 25 Kgs.

Find solutions to small problems. Small and big problems will surely be solved. Solve the problems which is giving you fear, stress, depression. Then the thought of suicide will be solved automatically. You will never commit suicide.

Take Following Steps 

1. Reps of Positive Self Talk

Now let's talk about way. Take a copy and pen, and every day you have to write that I am positive {I am positive}. After that what will you write about positive thinking that I am the best? I can do this  ( Write the problem name ) = I will win and God with me. I am the best = I can change myself = I will win = God is with me.

Again Speak with me

  1. I am the best
  2. I am positive
  3. I am beautiful
  4. I am happy
  5. I am healthy
  6. I am strong
  7. I am kind
  8. I am smart
  9. I am confident
  10. I am successful
  11. I am worthy
  12. I am brave
  13. I am brave enough to climb any mountain
  14. I am talented
  15. I am intelligent
  16. I am free of worry and regret
  17. I am proud of myself
  18. I am grateful what I have
  19. I am warm
  20. I am born leader. 
  21. I am amazing
  22. I am powerful
  23. I am helpful
  24. I am friendly
  25. I am calm
  26. I am unique
  27. I am peaceful
  28. I am capable so much
  29. I am thankful
  30. I am getting stronger everyday
  31. I am not feeling weakness
  32. I am not feeling fear. I know there is no place of fearful person in this world
  33. I am loving
  34. I can do it
  35. I can do anything
  36. I can change the world
  37. I can create new history of the world
  38.  I can change my life Only. No one do it for me.
  39. I can dream it, So I can do it also. 
  40. I can make the mistake, So, I can also learn from my  mistake. 
  41. I can control my own happiness
  42. I can do better next time.
  43.  I can be anything I want to be
  44. I can fulfill my all dreams
  45. I can fly over the sky
  46. I can lift more than my capacity
  47. I can fight with tiger
  48. I can win
  49. I can defeat my enemy
  50. I can take any challenge
  51. I can grow my full potential
  52. I can learn any skill
  53. I can laugh 
  54. I can smile all time
  55. I can overcome my all negative emotions
  56. I can control my anger
  57. I can control my life
  58. I can change my life
  59. I can transform my life
  60. I can uplift my life
  61. I can improve myself from intelligent to wisdom
  62. God is with me always
  63. Today is my day
  64. I  attract the positivity
  65. I attract the opportunity
  66. I will never give up in my life
  67. I will do best. Success is near to me
  68. I will show the example for this world
  69. I will identify my inside unlimited power
  70. I will forget the pain and I will focus only on the goal
  71.  I will take one more step for my goal. Yes, I will take one more step for my goal.
  72. I have achieved so many things in my life and now, I have full capacity to achieve this biggest goal in my life
  73. I have power from my birth. So, no one can stop me from achieving my goal.
  74. I have lots of energy
  75. I have happy thoughts
  76. I have the courage to say no
  77. I have power to change my story
  78. I have extra something to share with helpless
  79. I have unlimited blessings of God
  80. I have innovative ideas
  81. I have creative mind
  82. I have healthy body
  83. I have brain to solve all my problems
  84. I have night to sleep and take rest
  85. I have day to do work hard again
  86. I have everything for my inside happiness
  87. This goal is very small. I can achieve double of this goal
  88. No one is like me in this world because I can learn from others who have achieved same
  89. I got better every day
  90. I believe in myself. 
  91. I deserve to be happy
  92. I believe in my abilities
  93. I only compare myself to myself
  94. Today is going to be great  day
  95. I forgive others for their mistakes
  96. I enjoy discovering something new
  97. I enjoy learning
  98. My strength is greater than any struggle
  99. No one can make me feel inferior
  100. I inspire other

Now let's start meditating ten mints every day. Close the eyes and focus on the breath. Apply his reps. The stress will end. 

2. Reps of Deep breathing

At least ten to fifteen minutes every day, take deep breath and release the breath breathing after some time holding in your lungs. Through this,  you send oxygen to your brain. You apply daily reps. 5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes in the afternoon and 5 minutes in the evening. Apply 5 minutes of daily reps. 5 seconds you have to breathe, you have to holding breathing for five seconds and you have to take out for five seconds.

3. Remind Yourself Daily : The Problem is Small and to Find Solution is Easy

Remind yourself again and again that your problem is short and for a very short time.

You have to remind yourself again and again that the problem is not very big, it will be easily solved. And its solution is very easy to find. The problem is small and easy to solve. Solution is easy it is easy. 

4. Give the Time to Solve Your Problem

Donate time to solve your problem

Instead of giving time to negative thoughts, focus your attention on solving your problem. 15 minutes, 1/2 hour, 1 hour will think about solving the problem.

5. Stop to Eat Medicine

Stop eating all medicine

All medicine does not cure the disease of the body, only disorder your mental. Negative thoughts come from such mental disorder and the biggest negative thought is the idea of sucide.

So all medicine should be stopped. The more you eat fruits, green vegetables, homemade food, the more you will get mental stability

6. Thanks What You Have

Show gratitude to everyone what you have

Even if you have millions of problems today, still thank God for what you have.

If you get a negative thought from outside then handle it like this

People say Dr. Vinod Kumar your weight has reduced

I say that It is good because now I look 20 of age instead 40 of my actual age.

You should write thanks to God and five people every day, this creates a positive feeling. For this, you can use a notebook or mobile app.

You have to practice the above 6 things daily. Always remember that success comes from practice.

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