How to Not Forget what You Learn?

There are 3 reason of this forgetting problem

1st Reason and Solution

Do not study in your mother tongue. Start to believe that understanding level boost with learning in mother tongue.

2nd Reason and Solution

Only focus one book or teach. Start believe that God has made unlimited teachers and books which teach you better than one single resource. Never be limited.

3rd Reason and Solution

You are not mentally healthy and have negative thoughts in mind. And your focus distract when you remember. Start believe , God has create great machine inside you which work automatically and why because all your heart, lungs,digestion system and your immune system make you healthy. Who doing that without your control. With this your self confidence boost and you will become mentally healthy. If you believe, you are forgetting, it is true you are forgetting. If you believe, you have memory. Both are true.

Watch following video for strong your believe system.

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