How to Overcome Sugar Cravings

To desire to eat daily some sweet is natural desire. That is reason, God has made all fruits sweetness when they are ripen. But still human being loves to artificial sweet that is called sugar and by daily using of sugar in the food, he or she is addicted to eat more and more sugar and increasing blood sugar level of body. Same blood sugar creates all his or her health problems. There is limited source of insulin. More adding sugar in the food daily, you will imbalance the insulin harmons and one day, whole pancreas dies and lack of insulin, you will reach at diabetic level. It means, you are increasing your problem with your sweet cravings. If you are diabetic or high blood sugar patient and more than 100 gm blood sugar in your blood, it means, you are taking risk to increase your cholesterol. You are increasing the risk to block your heart arteries and veins. All undigested sugar converts into fat in the body and your heart, your lungs, your kidneys and your liver will block with extra sugar. There are so many patients whose wounds are not curing because they eat more and more sugar food daily and attract bad bacteria to kill you through grow of your wounds without healing.

Moreover sugar is pump energy and you feel only energetic just 10 minutes and then low the energy AND when body have more blood sugar, you will feel lack of energy.

 So, come out of this addiction and come out this cravings. It is so simple.

Following are the Simple Steps to Overcome Sugar Cravings. 

1. Be Determine to Eat Sugar with Limits

Write Big Side effects of Sugar on the Wall and read it and give Commitment to limit the Sugar. For example, you are eating sugar and sugar food of 20 tablespoon daily. Give commitment, you will eat first 20 days just to tablespoon and then next 20 days only 1 tablespoon daily and then eat only 2 to 4 tablespoon in the end of weak. With this, you can slowly stop your sugar craving. Mind is slave of human soul and it can control with strict commitment.

2. Eat Daily Sweet Fruits When you feel the sugar cravings

When you get the desire of sugar cravings, you take the positive action to eat sweet fruits like watermelon, mango, banana, apple, orange and Shehtut and all are with nutrition Sweet.

3. Make Sweet Dishes with Sweet Fruits and Dry fruits

For example, you want to eat the halva, try dry graphes dry fruit or graphes fruit or date dry fruit and send it as sweet. With this, you will get both energy and sweet instead zero nutrition through sugar.

4. Make the Habit to Drink Milk without Sugar

If you will drink mil without sugar or with turmeric, after sometime, you will be addicted without sugar and you will feel, there is small natural sweet in it and you will feel it.

5. Find Good Substitute of Sugar 

Following are the good and healthy substitute of sugar

1. Jaggary home made
2. Palm tree jaggary.
3. Coconut sweet

6. Started Punishment System if You Break the Commitment to Leave Sugar Limit and Eat More than limit

Simple Next Day Water fast, or fruit fast is great punishment to overcome this sugar cravings. More and more days on fruits will addicted you on fruits not sugar. 

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