8 Best Asanas for Constipation

Today every person has constipation and gas which is produced in the stomach and they are not released. The only reason for this is that we do not abstain from food and drink. Those should eat but we do not eat and those do not eat, we eat more. Anxiety has gathered its feet in every house. So if all of this anxiety is treated, then your constipation can be eradicated forever. Your gas can also be eliminated by this. Today I am going to tell you 8 asanas things that will end your constipation forever.

1. Arda Matysendra Asan

Matisendra Nath made this easy. In this, some mint has to be done by turning the stomach, which opens constipation. Following is the image of this and following is the video, you have to take position and speak 60 counting numbers.

1. Supta Matysendra Asan

Just sleep and make 4 with your leg. Keep left leg below and right leg in a shape that it make 4 and count 60 in this position. 

3. Bhujang Asan

Just sit cobra pose for 60 seconds.

4. Ardha Savang Asan

You know sarvang asan. Now, do ardha savang asan. If you are unable to do this. Take the help of wall and keep 60 seconds on this position. 

5. Hal Asan

Just go to back side of your whole legs and live 60 seconds in this hal asan position. 

6. Pavan Mukta Asan

It is powerful asan to release the gas of stomach. Do it for 60 seconds

7. Dhanur Asan

It is difficult but not impossible. Take hand and capture your foot by sleeping on base of your stomach. 

8. Vajar Asan 

This asan is very useful to digest the food. Live in this position for 60 second. 

Video Tutorial

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