7 Unknown Health Benefits of Eating Dates

There are lots of unknown health benefits of eating dates. If we stop to eat sugar and start to eat date daily basis, we can get all such unknown health benefits. 70% date content is natural sugar which is healthy and without any side effect but sugar which made artificial in the factories is the cause of diabetes. So, understand following 7 unknown health benefits of Eating Dates and start to eat it daily.

1. It Kill Your Chronic Constipation

You do not know there is no medicine of chronic constipation. Still, you eat medicine for bowel movement and toilet and it is the cause of colitis. Best way which should know that you can remove your chronic constipation with eating of dates.

Eat 3 to 5 Dates and then drink hot water and it will kill your chronic constipation. If there is pile due to chronic constipation. It will also cure with this.

2. It is Helpful to Cure Low BP

If you have low blood in the body and other tension, if you are facing the problem of low bp. you have to start to eat dates daily. First of all clean dates in the hot water. Withdraw its pip. Boil 5 dates in the desi cow milk. Drink it morning and evening. Your low bp will cure in few days with full your body with new blood.

3. It is Helpful to Open abnormal  Stop Period

If you want to become pregnant, you need to open your periods. For this eat dates and your stopped period will open and you can plan for baby.

4. It is Helpful to Cure All Eye Problems

If you have eye problem, eat daily dates. It will cure your all eye problems.

5. It is Helpful Frequent Urine Problem ( urinary track Infection {UTI }

If you are 50+, you may have the problem of frequent urine problem, eat morning and evening 2 to 5 dates daily.

6. It is Helpful to Cure Physical Male Weakness

If you have bad addiction like masturbation, sexual thoughts and watching porn, you had lost your all power by wasting your semen and sperms. And you are crying now. First of all stop all your bad habits and addiction and you do not need to be disappointed. Nature's God gift dates will be helpful to you. You do not know that Eating dates daily will helpful to make again big semen and sperms and big physical male energy.

First of all withdraw pip from dates. Take it 240 grams  + Chilgora giri 6 gram + badam 60 gram + roasted black grams 240 gram + Desi Cow ghee 500 gram + desi cow milk 2 ltr + small Gur as need make its Khua and eat daily. It is powerful tonic and never use any outside protein dba.

7. It is Helpful to Power Your Heart

If your heart has weaken due to bad life style, eat daily dates and see its result in few days. Your heart will strong.

Update 13-03-2020

Dates are very hot and if you have skin problem like skin infection, fungus infection, skin inflammation due to pit dosh, try only 1 or 2 not more than 2 limit in a Single Day.

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