Frequent Urination Natural Treatment

In this video, Dr. Vinod Kumar has Explained the simple natural method to solve your problem of Frequent Urination

Are you going for urination frequently in day and night?
Have you infection in your kidney or urination bladder?
Is the quantity of urine is very less but repeat after sometime?
Do you feel pain or spend more time in urination?

If any or all questions' answer is yes, this video is most important for you to treat your this problem permanent.

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1. urinary system

Learn from

a) kidneys to ureter small tube

b) bladder hollow

c) mascular chember

d) collection and stores urine

e) it can expension and contraction due to high or low collection of urine

f) bottom two sphincter muscles located

g) juncture with urethra

h) controlled everything by brain

i) capacity of bladder 500 milliliters or 1/2 liter

j) urge to urinate is triggered by considerably smaller

k) accumulations urine

l) renal pelvis

m) kidney is like a fan shapped

n) tiny filters or nephrons over 1 million nephrons

o) What is in pee

excess salts

amino acid

kidney filter the blood and urination

2. How the Urinary System Works

less reactive pressure of human body bladder

3. Treatment

good knowledge

4. Good Knowledge

Power of truth of becoming healthy

5. Good knowledge

How the brain controls urination

6. Great Content

5 Reasons Why You Should Tell The Truth

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