11 Unknown Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is used for making the tasty cooked food. But it is natural medicine. It has extraoridinary health properties which you are unknown. So, learn to day and know all such properties and benefits and use it and save from the side effects of allopathic medicines. We can also use ginger in dry form in off season, when there is no in the market.

Following are 11 Unknown Benefits of Ginger

1. Helpful to Cure Cold Fastly

Ginger is great medicine of cold and balgam inside of neck. Take some ginger or adrak. Boil it and When water is half, drink it two or three times. Take its hot air. It is also benefited and your whole cold will go out of your body within one day.

2. Helpful to Cure Headache

Boil Ginger in Goat Milk and Drink one to three days. Your headache will remove.

3. Helpful to Cure Indigestion

If you do not feel hunger in whole day and your energy level is decreasing. Take some ginger and small gur. Eat morning and evening and your indigestion will remove.

4. Helpful to Cure Cough

Take some ginger + gur + multhi and grind and eat few days its paste. It will cure cough.

5. Helpful to Cure Acidity

If you are facing acid due to not digesting the food or constipation, use ginger in daily food and your acidity will cure.

6. Helpful to Leaving Any Addiction

If you want to leave any addiction or bad habit. Cut ginger small and eat when your mind trigger for fulfil same bad action. It has medical property to give peace of mind.

7. Helpful to Control High Blood Pressure

By using ginger, your blood circulation will smooth and your blood vessel will open and Due to this, your high blood pressure level will low.

8. Helpful to Cure Body Inflammation

Whether you have inflammation in lungs or stomach or eyes or any part of body. Use ginger and inflammation will cure.

9. Get Power with Fast Digestion the Food After Delivery

Weak person can not digest fast but mother after delivery of baby needs more energy and power. But hard labour of delivery make some weakness in the body. So eating dry ginger ladu is helpful to boost her digestion and more fast digestion means more energy to body for caring the new baby.

You can make dry ginger ladu with following material

  1. dry ginger powder 25 gram
  2. gur 250 gram 
  3. grated coconut 50 gram
  4. wheat flour 100 gram
  5. desi ghee 125 gram
  6. almonds 35 gram 
  7. Gond katira 50 gram 
You can learn to make dry ginger ladu from following video

10. Helpful to  reduce cholesterol levels

If you body cholesterol level has increased and you are fearful for catching any heart disease. You can decrease your cholesterol level with eating of ginger.

11. Helpful to Cure Join Pain

If you eat ginger or drink boil ginger, it will cure your join pain

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