How to Increase Height to 6 Feet by Positivity

Yes, with positivity and positive thoughts, you can increase your height upto 6 feet. Whether, you are five feet, five feet and 5 inches. Whether your age is 20 years, 25 years or 30 years or 35 years. No matter. For this, you need to be Positive during height increasing training.

1. Stop Negative People

When you crossed your height growth age which is between 16 to 18 years, people will start to negative if you will go to training of height growing. For example you are 25 years and you are hanging for height growing and told same to a person. Same person will surely replied with his negative thoughts by following words.

a) I can write on stamp paper, you can not grow because you crossed your height growing age.

b) I can write on blank cheque, you can not grow your height because you have crossed your height growing age. Please write Rs. 40 Lakh or whatever amount on it and cashed from my bank if your height will increase only 1 inch.

c) Your height growing plates are closed

d) Your height growing harmons are no more.

With these negative words, you will be negative and give up all positive actions which are need to increase your height.

So, first stop to talk all negative people because their words will influence your mind and your mind energy will work negative.

2. Follow Positive People

Only follow positive people who are encouraging you to increase your height. Watch height growing exercise video and follow them. With this, your mind energy will work and compel your height growing harmons to bring you at 6 feet

3. Think Positive 

Your focus will always on positive thinking. Positive thinking will give you self confidence. Same self confidence will help you take big challenge for growing your height. Height growing exercises  and asans and meditation need time and practice and positive thinking will help you never give up. It is big power which comes from positive attitude of your life.

4. Imagine that Your Height is Increasing with Hope 

When you will go to sleep, you think positive and imagine that next day, your height will increase.

When you go to exercise, you imagine that after completing this exercises, your height will increase

When you are doing asan, yog and meditation, think and imagine that after doing this, your height will increase.

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