Best and Fast Way Recovery from Brain Stroke

1. Improve Life Style 

Best way and fast way is to improve your life style. If within one year, it did not cure, it means, you are eating the medicine which is giving your side effect. Stop it.  With in 60 days if patient will leave all medicines. He or she will totally depend on nature.

2. Give Natural Food to Patient Only 

Go to natural and raw food without any salt and mirch masala. Do daily yog, exercise and meditation. All have power to grow your brain function properly.

Again, I am saying Give natural food only. Stop all oily, fried and fast food to him. Give more organic and fresh fruits to him. It is sure, within 60 days, he will cure Yes after brain stroke, paralysis can be cured if patient will take natural food only. Stop patient’s salt and tea. Stop non veg and eggs, if he is eating.

Remember Brain stroke is 100% curable. For this, patient has to sacrificed his past taste habits which is the root of causes of brain stroke like eating of non veg, eggs and meat. First of stop it. Eat only natural food like fruits and green vegetables.

Natural raw food like fruits and vegetables have enough power to regain the memory soon, fast and without any further harm of any part of body.

3. Stop Stress

I explained also in video, you need to control your stress whether it is health or family. No stress means more peace of mind and more happiness means more health will come to your life. Take a long breath will supply oxygen and remove health stress of patient. Give relax environment to patient.

 4. Do Exercises Regularly

Do exercise for physically movement. Help me to teach pre walking exercises. Your love, care and hard work will give great fruit for his again fitness in life. In following video, I have explained above concept more deeply. Please watch it and follow it.

 exercise is must. Brain dead cells can only relive if other family members support him physically and emotionally for uplift through pre walking exercises and hand exercises and physiotherapy training.

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