How to Increase Height Naturally - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

You can increase your height naturally. Yes, with the help of naturopathy, you can grow your height even after 30+. For this, you need to follow strict rules and regulations.

1. Use the power of mind through meditation

2. Stop to eat unnatural food like non-veg., eggs, briyani, meat,

2 (I) Stop to drink tea and cold water

3. Start to eat the food which increase height growing harmons naturally

3 (I) Eat more and more fruits ans seasonal raw vegetables.

4. Do exercise which will increase the size of bone and musceles.

I) Hanging Exercises

II) Jumping

III) Split Exercises

IV)  Swimming

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  1. My age 22(men).can I really grow my height in Naturopathy

  2. Yes. You need also need my personal treatment. Please whatsapp me your full details at +9356234925

  3. My age 20 can i grow my height upto 4inch by naturopathy

  4. I want to increase my height upto 5 inch but my age us 20 year is it possible to increase

  5. my age is 24 I want increase only 1 inch


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