What is Low Immune System

Low immune system means less your body immune system ability to fight any disease or any injury within your body. For example, there is cut with a kitchen knife during cutting of vegetable, if immune system is low, it will not heal fastly and infection will increase.

As per natutropathy, there is not any HIV Positive  virus. There is zero value of HIV Positive and negative test reports. Just take some fire and heat your hand on it. Naturopathy does not believe on it like night is nothing, it is just absence of day. So, there is no fear from night. Just rest and wait for next new day. 
Naturopathy just believes on the low immune system. and which I have explained above

I diagnosed my each online patient  and found that you have some bad habits and some  bad food habits and not controlling mind habits. With this,  they face low your  immune system of body. Happy news is that you can easily boost it by following strict naturopathy rules which purify your mind by more self confidence and body by withdrawing the toxin from body. 

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