What are the Side Effects of Varicocele Surgery?

 Surgery of varicocele is done through laparoscopic way. You will read almost everything about laparoscopic varicocelectomy for cutting the enlarged veins that are blocking the blood flow but if you are going for this, you must read the side effects of same surgery and choose naturopathy simple treatment instead surgery. 

1. Infection in testicles

This is first side effect. Surgeon blocked enlarged veins which is temporary treatment. It will affected to healthy veins also and infection will be happen in veins near testicles and in testicles.

2. Inflammation in Surgical Cut 

Because already your healing process is low due to toxin in your body that is reason you came for surgery but surgery is not solution. Surgery cut will not heal which is used to insert camera and tools for cut enlarged veins. What does it means, it means you are doubling your problem because enlarged veins can heal if you will start to follow nature but you imbalance the vein through this cut and inflammation of unhealed cut.

3. Invite Other Veins enlarge 

Yes, if you did surgery, it has side effect on other healthy veins and it will start to block. So, better is natural heal

4. Other big diseases

There are other big diseases like hydrocele, hernia, cyst in scortum as the side effects of this. 

5. Swelling and Pain 

Even after operation, you will face swelling and pain. No surgeon guarantee to heal totally after surgery.

6. UTI Or bladder infection

Every vein is connected with whole system of body and any cut in it means, you are disturbing whole body system. One of side effect is UTI. 

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