How to Overcome Confusion

In my words, if you have the confusion in any thing or in your life or in your mind or in your thoughts, it is your creation. It is not default of your brain or God gift nervous system of your brain. But happy news is that you can learn better deal to overcome your all type confusion relating to relationship, career or health.

Only Follow two Steps and your confusion will convert into clarity with my surety.

1st Step  : Accept Your Mind Box is not Empty

First of all you have to accept that your mind is a box and your mind box is not empty. It is full of negative stuffs. For example, you bought fruits and kept it in box and did not withdraw for 30 days. What will happen, the stuff and box will not use for you. Like this, if there is negative thoughts in the mind, it harms both you and your brain and your mind. So, accept it because you have confusion and confusion means, you did not understand anything in the life. It means, your brain is unable to solve your personal problem and brain is not solving because your mind has negative stuff and mind is unable to give the power to brain to solve the problem.

Your mind has three big negative stuff

a) Fearful Thinking

b) Anger, HATE and Jealousy

c) Self Negative Talk

2nd Step : Use the Tools to Empty Your Mind Books

After taking 1st Step and written big that I have the negative stuff of fear, anger and self negative talk of give up, give up, give up, you have to take 2nd step.

In Second step, you have to use the tool to empty your mind.

1st Tool : Affirmation

Use Following positive talk daily for 10 minutes for removing your fearful thinking

I am tiger. I am brave. I will win the fight. Yes, I can understand. I can get success. I deserve for this.

For removing your anger, educate your mind with following positive talk

Dear mind, please behave with other with love, with peace and with happiness.

2nd Tool : Silence

Keep silence for 30 minutes everyday. Never do any work. Only focus on your breathing.

3rd Tool : Exercise

Do exercise 2 hrs daily

In this exercise, you can walk, run, jumping, cycling, gym workout, push ups, pull ups, squat and dumbbles.

4th Tool : Write

In writing, write your problem and write your own opinion. Search the opinion of experts. Analyse and understand in which you are confused.

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