What is self confidence?

Self Confidence is human being’s own internal trust about his or her ability in anything.

For example

  1. You didn't go to gym, I show you 100 kgs weight. Without lifting it you can say, I can only life 50 kgs. What is this saying, it is your self confidence to life 50 kgs without going to gym.
  2. You eat normal 6 chapati, I say eat 50 chapati, you will say, I can eat upto 12 chapati. What is this saying, it is your self confidence to eat chapati. Because you think, you can and you have same ability.
  3. You are earning Rs. 1 lakh per month but if I ask if you do hard and smart work more, how much you earn per month, you say, If I do hard and smart work in my area, I can earn Rs. 10 lakh and you started and after one year, you say me, I am earning 10 lakh. Before one year, you say already to me what was it, it is your self confidence because you had conceived and believed already and you just started to make its goal and you achieved Rs. 10 lakh per month earning. So, self confidence is conceive and believe in your own ability before happening anything.
  4. APJ abdul kalam had already told, I am scientist in college days and set it as goal and become top scientist of India. Before becoming scientist, declaring what you are is your believe in your self who you are and what you can and after this, it is just setting goal and achieving process.
  5. If you have any disease whether cancer, diabetes, bp high, paralysis, fatty liver, sinusitis, appendicitis, colitis, crohn, heart disease, kidney diseases, liver disease or low immune system or fibroids, ovary cyst or sciatic nerve pain and if I ask you, how are you and if you have told me, I am healthy person. What is this saying. Is all your medical reports speaking lie. No all are true and you are also true because you have internal self confidence and you told same with this self confidence. Now, it has easy to set your healthy life style goal and you followed and tested again after six months, your all medical reports are ok. But without self confidence, it is impossible. Body is cured with a person’s good quality of self confidence. In my 15 years career in improving healthy life style, I found the patient who already believe and behave like a healthy person has 50% more fast cure from disease than a fearful and anxiety patient.

Good news is that we can increase our self confidence level in any area. From saying , I can lift 50 kgs, you can become of saying, I can life 100 kgs just 6 months gym hard training
Like this if you focus in your area where you have strength, you can build your big muscles and be self confident personal whether it is the area of health, money, career, relationship or any part of life. So focus on your plus points always instead counting the minus points. Focus to develop your plus points or strength or abilities. For example, I started to write this website 1 answer, today, I wrote many  answers and it has increased my ability to answer.

I have explained this details in my following video, please never forget to watch it now for understanding above question because one video is equal to 10,00,000 words. so, following 10 lakh words book in my live video, just watch and you will get success to read big encylopedia. Please never forget share  this content if you like for giving me motivation to write more.

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