3 Game-Changing Steps You might Skip When You Try to Overcome Your Financial Stress

Everyone wants to overcome financial stress. Whether you are in any area like finance, medical, health, construction or media, you surely want to be financial freedom and enjoy your financial stress free life

But real results will come just opposite, you have to take the stress of arranging the fees of kids. You are taking stress of your recent loss of your big investment in any failed business. You are feeling unable to pay your debt's monthly instalment.You are fearing from survival if your job will no more.

There may be any reason of your financial stress and if you have the financial stress and you might skip following 3 game-changing steps and if you have the focus on these steps, it will be only few second your success train on the train track without any delay.

I am seeing Unlimited Possibilities and Opportunities in My Mind 

1st Step :  Visualise that You are Making Money Less and Your Making Money Potential is Unlimited.

One of biggest mistake, you did that you have done wrong visualise. You are visualising that your expenses are double of your income. It also applies on all type of people whether you are top class, middle class and lower class, you always think that your upcoming expenses are double than your current per month income. When you give more focus on it and it becomes your financial stress.

At that time, you forget to focus on your ability.

Start to Visualise that your money making potential is unlimited, still you are at beginning point and you have to go big. When you start to visualise like this, you will focus more attainable money earning goal and it is sure, you will get ways to earn more money because you have set your mind for this.

I have visualised and I am earning unlimited  from

(A) YouTube Partnership
(B) eBook Sale
(C) Online Course Sale
(D) Online Earning from Direct Advertising of My Written Contents
(E) Sale of Products Online
(F) Donation from Cured Patients
(G) Dividend from Invested Money in Share Market
(H) Interest from FDs
(I) Appreciation on the Invested Money in Mutual Funds
(J) Fruits from my Planted Trees
(K) Water from my Bought Land
(L) Earning from Patient Fees in Cash
(M) Earning from Patient Fees in Kind

If you will visualise, you will see large number of possibilities of success in your areas.

2nd Step : MAKE Your Budget and Control your bad habit of spending more than Earning

Budget is great way to limit your spending. One of biggest bad habit in all people that they spend more than earning. Due to this, they take loan and face money problem all time. Budget is just estimated expenses which you spend in next week or money.

With budget, you can control your useless buying
With budget, you make your own food and save money
With budget, you will do your own gardening and save money.
With budget, you will drive less costly.

Budget will help you to spend less than your earning and get freedom from financial stress. People are worrying the future because they have taken personal loan because they are unable to stop the expenses for personal use.

Here is ebook which will teach you to MAKE BUDGET EASY WAY

3rd Step : Save Money for Long Time

After getting success and mastery on above two steps, you have to become the master of this 3rd step to overcome your financial step. In this step, you have to save long time. Save must be 50% of your active income in govt. secured saving account ( fixed deposit scheme). It must be 10 years plus. With this, you have enough balance, you can generate monthly income on it and grow your business with confidence. If loss no issue, it is interest of interest of principle and both your principle and interest is safe.

In your family, you may be alone to earn and all are consumer but if you will save, you will generate the kids of money which earn and give you. Your saved money will work hard for you.

If you did not idea from where you can save money, I can help you to save your more money.

(A) Less time online to watch video and content consuming or online App. With this, you can save your mind from ads which promote you buy more what do you not want and with this, you will out of budget and save less. No extra Internet use. No extra buying. More saving.

(B) Sale your Scrap and Save Money. Check your home. Do you have collected extra which you are not using from many years. Start to sell it online or offline on scrap home and save extra money.

(D) Never take immediate decision of buying anything. Take time and you will realise that you need not such things. For example, you are hurry to AC in room but live some days in 24 hrs ac room and you will realise that your immune system has totally damaged due to this. So, you will buy  water cooler.

(E) Learn to Repair Anything in Home yourself. It will save your money. For example, your lock is not opening with key and you are thinking to go to mechanic. Mechanic will take its service fees. You just give some machine oil in it and it will start work. So, learning repair will give you skill plus save your money.

(F) Make big window and it will save your electricity bill because you get sun light in it.

(G) Clean your shave and save your money. I do same.

(H) Eat veg. can save your money through medical bills because lots of diseases heart, kidney and liver and intestine and brain comes from eating of meat, chicken and eggs.

(I) As doctor, I recommend you to do exercise daily. It will make fit and your medical bills and tests and medicine bill will save and save this money for long time.

(J) If you do not have any regular income, you can say how to save the money. At that time, I will say that you can making Saving fund for regular income. Keep it Big on Your Office and On your home wall


When you will see 100 to 1000 times daily, you will get inspiration and you will start to stop expenses and save money, so that your income all time regular.

Video Tutorial

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